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Consider the role of medical is to manage disease and emergencies.  People go to the doctor or hospital when something is wrong. They rarely go when they feel great.

Without question, I am sure many of us can agree that the medical system does some amazing feats. What was once a high risk surgery has become low to moderate risk.  Think about this, they can take an organ, such as, a heart, liver or lungs out of one person and put them into another human being! That’s all in a days work for some of these people. As much as many would like to complain about their lack of knowledge of therapy, exercise, natural remedies, supplements and diet conveniently are forgetting their successes.  Do the same people complain about the health care practitioner or therapist that doesn’t know how to do surgery?

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No one knows everything.  We can learn from anyone or anything, if we allow it.  Respecting that simple concept removes the judgmental mindset that someone is attacking when communicating or asking a question.  Sometimes over analyzing what we think we know, prevents us from trying out of fear of the worse case scenario. Ignorance has its benefits as well. Not being aware of threats and possibilities, many discoveries around the world have been found due to faith and belief.  There is a balance to respecting the threat and realizing the possible benefits. But no one knows until they do it.

Having patience and respect for anyone is a must when trying to communicate.  They deserve it, as well as you do.  Respect for ignorance comes from the heart.  Walking a mile in the other shoes.  Looking at their character and integrity. Many take things too personal when they are in a position of ignorance.  This creates unnecessary arguments.  Blaming others for being condescending or trying to belittle is not productive.  Being open to learning and learning something new comes from a mindset.  Many put pressure on themselves and project that feeling out.  

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Each person has his or her level of awareness.  It can be a dangerous practice to give too much respect because of letters or academics.  It can also be dangerous practice to give no respect because there are no letters or academics.  I have found in my experience to respect my knowledge and opinion but being open to all angles.  But having my own opinion first.  We all need a starting point.

It takes a lot of time and effort to acquire knowledge.  Many obtain their information through structured schooling, and some are self-taught. Gaining knowledge requires effort and exposure to various types of information and situations to gather data for understanding.  One thing is for sure it takes time and dedication. 

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Today the world seems to revolve around paper, letters and numbers.  There seems to be an over polarized opinion that without these letters and papers there is little value.  This paper can be in the form of a degree, certification to even the paper in your wallet.  These are very mechanical measurements that really do not do much for anyone other than put them in a box of limitation.

There is a very under rated intangible that cannot be measured by a letter, picture, degree, age or even a trophy, that is experience.  Experience is the real life application.  Theory may say up but experience says down.  Theory might say it’s impossible but experience says it is possible.

It seems common practice for the group with the letters, papers and numbers to look down upon those without them.  This arrogant behavior only creates separation due to a belief.  Reading a book about rock climbing and doing it is vastly different.  Sounds fun and exciting in the book, but the strength and dedication are something that can’t be measured unless it has been experienced.  Experience is personal.

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Each day has a limited amount time as the earth and sun do their dance.  Just because the day is limited does not mean our days are.  

What is time? For context I am going to define time as a measurement that allows coordination of schedules and processes.  Schedules are important for many reasons.  To have no schedule there would be chaos.  Just imagine if there were no stop signs, traffic lights or airplane control towers or just random times stores are open.  These are mental aspects to be followed as we can measure them, we have a clock and a specific time zone for our location to allows this coordination, 

The body is about processing and metabolism of resources and removal of waste products.  This is not dependent on time but is measured by time.  Whether time is moving/measured or not the body can only do what it can based on the resources available.

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Many confuse respect for life for fear of death.

Respecting life is all life, not just your families or yours.  The tree is alive.  The grass is alive.  The oceans are alive.  The bugs are alive.  Everything around you and I is alive with energy.  What is the difference between an animal and tree?  Just I am aware they are spelled different.  The animal walks on the earth.  The tree is earth until it is cut, then it’s a tree, separated from earth, on it.  Earth gives life to many bodies. 

There is one gift that is bestowed to all, a body.  Whether that be a planetary body, a formed idea, to animal’s bodies, bodies of water to your very own human body or anybody you shall believe in.

The body is a life giver.  All they do is support life and give life.  That is what makes up our individuality.  IN-divide-u-al, phonetically it is in divide you of all.  What an interesting play on words.

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Everyone has their own definition and way of expressing what love is.  No one has to love you. No one has to put up with you. No one has to be your friend.  You can be given away.  You can be divorced. Love is earned by each of us, yet a baby gives it freely upon birth.  Our actions and words allow others to recognize this vibration and feeling.

One thing I can say from experience and observation is; love can conquer fear.  A parent will go into danger to protect their child.  A spouse will walk or run into a fire metaphorically or real to save there loved one.  True love speaks the truth, it asks the questions and makes the hard statements because the individual loves so much it risks being alone and abandoned.  Many judge this action as egoic rather than seeing the gift that is before them.

What type of love do you give; violent, conditional; unconditional or free and balanced love?

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Loving yourself is where everything begins.  Trust your intuition, logic and actions.  Knowing your value, having self worth is required to have respect for self.  Without love, trust, value, worth and belief the individual will not have self respect.

Self-respect is how each of us conducts our thoughts and actions, personally and publicly.   Many play a game of hide and seek.  They act one way in public and bi polar when behind closed doors.  Once there is “no one” watching them they expose their true nature.

How we choose to speak to another is a direct manifestation expressed by our respect of self.  If the person goes along to get along, they are manipulating themselves, which is manipulating all involved.  They are not seeing their internal or external value and worth at the cost of prostituting their mind, body and soul.  They are abandoning self and will begin to create a habit leading to an addiction.

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Ever thought; if everyone stopped doing his or her nonsense and focused on health of self and the planet what it would look like?  To many, this may be a strange concept to love themselves and those around them.

Why do people disregard the most important need?  Their own body's health and the planets health.  They have little trouble focusing on the wants at the cost to their body’s health and planet.

It does seem many believe or behave as though this is someone else’s responsibility.  These are actions of a selfish mind, possibly, a psychopathic mind.

There are groups that are bringing awareness to various kingdoms that need help such as, animal, plant and oceans.  These look like great projects, but when looking at their behaviors it does present as selfish.

Many of these individuals that are bringing awareness still neglect their primal responsibility, their own health.


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Many confuse these terms or amalgamate them all into one.  They are different and need to be defined to achieve each.

Health is what an individual does everyday.  What do we all do everyday?  We breathe, eat, sleep, detoxify, laugh, communicate and love.  These are foundational to who we are as an individual.  These are constant factors that must be managed. 

Fitness is what we do after our health practices are stable.  This is intermittently participating, maybe once a day or several times per week.  Fitness is dependent on the health state.  Fitness gives options for biking, sports, playing with our children, travelling, learning any type of education, to as simple as going out to dinner, really anything above a resting state.

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This can be a simple or a complex definition depending who is asked.  Many believe they need to go to the gym or play a sport to be classified as exercise. Many like to exercise until they drop, push themselves hard every time.

Consider exercise is anything that increases heart rate above a laying heart rate level. This is subjective in nature as each person has his or her own oxygen debt levels. Some will require more effort to raise their heart rate while many require less.

Is it possible to be exercising while sitting there?  Is the body working even though it is not moving, walking, running or standing?  Exercise to the mind is being able to measure it.  The body is always moving. There are 60-90 trillion cells in the human body doing something all the time.  The mind can’t measure this, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

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