1. What is the Role of the Medical System?

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Consider the role of medical is to manage disease and emergencies.  People go to the doctor or hospital when something is wrong. They rarely go when they feel great.

Without question, I am sure many of us can agree that the medical system does some amazing feats. What was once a high risk surgery has become low to moderate risk.  Think about this, they can take an organ, such as, a heart, liver or lungs out of one person and put them into another human being! That’s all in a days work for some of these people. As much as many would like to complain about their lack of knowledge of therapy, exercise, natural remedies, supplements and diet conveniently are forgetting their successes.  Do the same people complain about the health care practitioner or therapist that doesn’t know how to do surgery?

Disease management is not health care.  Health care is taking responsibility for individual choices, actions and their own research.  No one makes people eat garbage.  No one makes people watch TV, read silly gossip magazines about people and their personal life.  No one stops anyone from researching, if anything, it has been made available to everyone with a click of the finger.  We all have 24 hours in a day.  What we choose to focus on is our choice.

How many people do you know that can cut you open and not kill you?  That is my definition of a doctor.  The rest are symptomologists that prescribe “legal” drugs.  These legal drugs have a cost to the body and society.  In many cases they are just masking the truth, a Band-Aid solution.

Where else can you go when you have experienced a car accident or a broken bone? These are emergency situations.  This is what medical is very good at. What is not their strength is what is prior to the emergency.   This is where we as a collective have to educate ourselves.  It is our responsibility to know how much or little to eat.  How much or little to exercise.  What and when to eat.  We all need to look at our belief systems and consider what we think and are doing may be contributing to an emergency.  Heart attacks, strokes, cancers and chronic disease do not just randomly show up.  This is a formula, choices plus actions over time equals… survey says, something not wanted. 

I am not pumping doctors tires, but I am questioning what people expect from them, what about  their own choices. I am aware of the thousands of deaths from pharmaceuticals.  It’s not surprising, but is sad.  Not to mention the amount of pain and suffering from avoiding the real problems.  Many people don’t pay attention to what they ingest.  What chemicals are in what they ingested.  Talk about a real life experiment.  How can anyone know how a drug would interact when just dumping chemicals into the body? This is a relationship.  This relationship has so many variables and the only one being controlled is the dosage of the pharmaceutical.   How many people follow the guidelines, such as no alcohol while on drug X?

How much do you know about the one thing you will own in your entire life, your body?  Why is this someone else’s responsibility? 

Taking the easy way, or so it seems in the short term is not good practice.  Asking for a drug to get through today because the individual is not willing to change their ways is going to have a cost.  Ignorance is not bliss. 

Ignorance, is just not knowing.  It is not implying not caring to know.  No one wants to see anyone suffer in pain.  If touching the burner hurts, would you keep doing it knowing it hurts?  Most likely not.  Once you know you know.  If the doctor or health care professionals can learn, we all can.  Before we started schooling none of us could read.  We were ignorant of the skill of reading.  It is not that we didn’t want to know, we just didn’t know how yet.  How is this any different than learning how to breathe, what to eat, how to move and how to communicate?  The body is a walking miracle.  Many poison it daily and treat it poorly and yet it still does its best to give a quality of life to the individual.

All it takes is some self-motivation; desire to be all that you can be.  No one can force or push anyone to do these things.  In some cases, those that do look into these questions have experienced a burner type situation.  In many cases are better for it. 

If you believe, you and your children are worth it, spend your time investing into your future, your health.  I believe you are worth it, do you?