Why do we breathe?

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Have you ever questioned why we breathe? It has always been accepted that if we don’t breathe that we will die. But why do we need to breathe? Consider we need to breathe to bring in oxygen in order to bond with the carbon that our body is creating as a waste product due to survival tendencies, positions, and situations. Survival is a more extreme case than stress but ultimately if we are in a position of creating and experiencing stress we are actually surviving.

This oxygen that we inhale bonds to the carbon, creating carbon dioxide so we can exhaust waste from our bodies. To the degree that our lungs cannot keep up with the production of the carbon then the carbon dioxide changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state – sodium bicarbonate – which our kidneys are required to filter and get rid of via liquid. The most efficient system is the gas exchange system, being our lungs. But the question is where does the oxygen debt or the carbon that is already in the body come from? We are born with it. Our parents’ debt is transferred into our body’s debt as well. The debt can be corrected if the individual takes the time to correct their breathing…

What would happen if the human body was not stressed?  

SOS Survival Operating System® breathing exercises are designed to 'pay off' the body's debt to oxygen to effectively remove waste and allow the body to correct its primary dysfunction.