SOS Consulting

In addition to manual therapy, SOS Survival Operating System® offers health consulting service and talk therapy with "Mental Surgeons".  Individual's may choose to utilize this service to assess boundaries, belief systems, mental programs, barriers to change, gaps in awareness, and to develop action plans for modification of behaviour toward a daily personal health practice.  All the aforementioned in an effort to resolve or improve internal relationships between body, brain and mind. Know thyself.

Improvement to internal state of being builds a foundation to the relationships in our external world.  Conflicts arise in relationships between our self and non-self, whether the non-self be a subject, activity, or another being.  How we deal with conflict can have a great impact on stress levels and consequently our health. SOS consulting offers assessment of choice in conflict resolution and personal practices for recovery and healing when the path walked becomes rocky.  Empower thyself.

Use our consulting service for:

  • Past trauma
  • Conflict resolution
  • Nutrition
  • Cost benefit analysis to choices affecting health
  • One-on-one health education
  • Belief system and mental programming analysis
  • Boundary assessment and application
  • Behaviour change