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SOS offers courses in person for both general population and health care professionals looking to add affective techniques to their 'tool box'.  SOS practitioner course must begin with Level 1 - Lung and Respiratory system before moving onto level 2 on beyond in sequential order.

Below are the courses currently offered under the SOS Survival Operating System® label.  Courses are provided on an on demand basis.  Please view the course you are interested in and send us an email with your name and contact information to be added to a wait list.  


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  • The first course in our practitioner series focuses on techniques for the lungs and relevant structures of the breathing/ventilation apparatus to improve qualitative and quantitative

  • The adrenal gland is the master gland of stress in the body. The SOS Survival Operating System ® adrenal techniques offer a tool for addressing the

  • The importance of the brain in health is indisputable. The major nuclei for regulation of organs, organ systems, and bodily rhythms are regulated/governed by the

  • In society built on routine repetitive strain and athletic injuries are common across various populations. Whether you’re treating the average person, mom, mom to be