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Todd: Sitting here with Adam Copeland on May 18th 2011. Doing some questions and answers with his experiences on SOS Survival Operating System® manual therapy. Adam, how long have we been working together?

Adam: It’s going on six years now. Which I have kind of lost track of over the years, but it has been six and we initially got in contact with each other due to a half torn pec on my right side, which has since lead to multiple other experiences, and rehab, and 'therapy' - for lack of a better term - through surgeries. But that was beginning six years ago.

Todd: Yeah, it was a good time; it was good that we avoided the surgery.

Adam: Yeah, was able to avoid the surgery. It was a half tear and just through the exercises that we implemented at that time, as well as the hands-on, we were able to avoid it and get back to work within six weeks. So we cut a couple weeks off that one. That was my first experience, which lead me to any other time something happened - whether it be for maintenance, or a traumatic one-time blown Achilles or something like that - to come back.

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Welcome back 6:03 here on Tampa Bay Sports Radio 620 WDAE.  Before we get to your phone calls, I just have to take a moment to tell you about my experience today. 

You’ve heard Doctor Blanco on with me on occasion, talking about a gentleman who has revolutionized… I don’t know what he does.  I spent three and a half hours today.  No pain, no massaging, no manipulating, no nothing.  So Doctor Blanco asked me at the end, how would you describe what happened to you today?  I go, I don’t know.  I don’t know.  All I know is a man by the name of Todd Swaine came into town and worked on me for three and a half hours, and I have never, ever felt better in my life. 

My body feels like its 15 years old right now.  And all he did was touch.  I can’t describe it.  One of the main reasons I am saying this, is that… is he a trainer?  He is a trainer’s trainer.  He is, again… I am at a loss for words. 

No you can’t go see him because he does not have an office here.  You can go fly up to Toronto if you want.  I can’t explain it, but it is built around breathing.  He doesn’t do breathing exercises until the end.  He literally opens up your breathing and gets rid of things that have been clogging up your body forever.  And I am talking about inflammation that continues to sit there for years and years and years that doesn’t go away.  And it was the most incredible three and a half hours ever.  It has changed the way I stand up, the way I walk, the way I breathe, the way I can breathe.  And it is all built around that.

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When I first started going to see Todd, I have to admit that I was skeptical about his techniques. I had become so accustomed to painful treatments, that I wasn't sure if he was actually doing anything with his light touch. But he didn't only treat the location of the injuries I had, and looked for the source in other areas instead, making it easier for my body to help heal itself. I saw Todd for a frozen shoulder, a stress reaction in my shin, and one of the biggest immediate results I noticed was an increased ease in my breathing. That made training feel a lot less strained and helped quicken my recovery time. I still can't explain the scientific methods behind his technique, but working with Todd was a big reason for my successful return to competition.

    ~ Heather Moyse, Olympic gold medallist (bobsleigh) and National rugby player

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I know many of you will understand the experience that I’m sharing with you. This will be something many share in common and something you and your family can relate to when dealing with a diagnosis where there are no answers given and you are just exhausting every avenue of trial and error.  You experience many bouts of swinging emotions from hope to hopelessness which eventually become the norm.

I’m am happy to tell you that my daughter and I are experiencing incredible results working with Todd Swaine and Survival Operating System Manual Therapy.  My life wasn’t anything thing like this 2 years ago.  I met Todd at a workshop back in 2008 where he made a lasting impression on me.  A year after we first met, I had slipped on a few stairs at home and couldn’t move my neck without being in pain.  I remembered that Todd’s approach was different and I never had the opportunity to experience as of yet so I called him up to deal with my current health crisis.  I received a treatment, fascinating educational conversation and my injury was addressed right away.  When I left, I could move my neck fully without pain. 

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Before Treatment

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009:

Before treatment I was very dizzy to a point where I could not operate a car safely. My head was constantly pounding with me being able to feel the blood pumping through my head, my ears were ringing, neck felt tight, my vision was impaired and my posture was horrible I couldn’t naturally hold my self up (head always wanted to go to the left side of my body).

After First Treatment

Monday, February 23rd, 2009:

After my first treatment I felt not as intense dizziness or pounding in my head. My posture got better as well as my head didn’t always go to the left anymore, hunch back still remained though. Although my vision still remained impaired and my ears continued to ring, these symptoms slowly reduced after 3-4 days.

After Second Treatment

Saturday, February 28th, 2009:

After my second treatment I felt a 100 percent. The biggest advantage I got out of the second treatment is that I fully retained my vision and I felt as though I was completely aligned as I no longer had a hunch back I could naturally stand straight. I left that treatment that day by feeling at peace with myself.

More from Taylor:

I am currently a senior Division 1 basketball athlete and have been seeing Todd since my sophomore year of high school. Todd has helped me become a better athlete and person by teaching me healthier life style changes. Recently Todd has taught me the SOS breathing technique. The SOS breathing technique significantly helped  open up my lungs which in turned helped my cardio. During a conditioning test at school this past summer I ran the mile in 6:01. After practicing SOS consistently for 2 months I reduced my mile time in the next conditioning test in September to 5:23.  Todd is a multi-talented teacher and healer who anyone can benefit off of to achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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I felt fine, totally normal in fact, after Todd’s 2nd treatment and I even felt more energized throughout the day. The fatigue hit me the next morning. I was strangely tired, since nothing else had changed and I am finally over my cold, which went away completely the morning after my treatment. I didn’t even need to nap when I was sick last week. Now I have needed to take a long nap in the last two days in order to get through the day. I know my body must be busy healing because it’s unusual for me to be that tired. I also noticed that I lost some water weight after his treatment. I have had very swollen legs after my pregnancy 4 months ago and it is great to see the water going down. I haven’t stepped on a scale but it is definitely noticeable.

My son has been much calmer and less agitated since he saw Todd. Last year was a rough year for all of us, since our daughter died in July of 2009 at the end of my pregnancy with her. I got pregnant 5 months later but it was a hard year with mourning her loss and being pregnant again with another girl. Our son definitely picked up on that energy, grief, and stress. Even though he seemed so relieved and happy with the birth of our second daughter, I think there was some residual stress as he was very high-strung and full of a nervous energy. He was like a thoroughbred horse that needed to be RUN in order to calm down. He is no longer like that since he saw Todd, which is a big deal for me, since he is in kindergarten during the mornings only and is home the rest of the day.

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There are average therapists, good therapists, even great therapists, and then there are therapists like Todd Swaine who are in a category that very few will ever reach. I have known Todd for just over 5 years, as I was the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the NBA Toronto Raptors from 2005-2009.

In that time I came to know firsthand Todd’s unique and special skill set as he performed treatment on me many times for various issues and general maintenance. As a result of the incredible results I personally received with Todd, I made sure that we used Todd as a consultant with our players, again his skill set proved invaluable.  In all of my time working with professional athletes and simply within the world of athletics, I have come across 1 maybe 2 therapists that I would even put on Todd’s level.  Any team or athlete who has Todd working on their side has a certain advantage over the competition.

Keith D’Amelio, MS, ATC, CSCS, PES, CES
Fromerly Stanford University Men’s Basketball

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I had the pleasure of working with Todd on becoming more aware and awakening my body.  The experience has changed me, and cleared room for me mentally and physically.  Since the session I am more aware of my thoughts and my everyday actions.  I don’t feel the need to sweep issues and concerns under the rug but face them for what they are and deal with them as they come.  I have also been able to conquer a lot of my demons and confront issues that I kept putting off.

Todd started the session doing some basic physical moves such as squats and walking back and forth so that he could evaluate me.  Once the intake was done it was onto the table for some more assessments.  The whole time was a very gentle procedure of answering questions to help Todd find the problem areas and where my stress was being held and coming from.  He applied pressure that was very gentle, and made me aware that if there was pain to tell him. 

There was pressure put in between the ribs to help open the lungs as well as deep breathing exercises to help my lungs and diaghram open.

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My name is LP Levros, and I am a professional basketball player.  On October 17, 2009 I injured my right ankle while playing basketball in a D-league camp.  The injury was pretty bad.  I went up for a dunk and landed on someone’s foot.  Right away I knew I was done.  For a whole year I was in and out of rehab with doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncture, massage, you name it I saw them all.  It cost me thousands of dollars, not including the free sessions from my team.  My ankle never seemed to be any better.  I crossed paths with a friend of mine who referred me to Todd.  He told me if there is a guy that can fix my ankle it would be Todd.  I did not believe him, but I had no other option, otherwise my career would have been done.   I booked an appointment with Todd and after just two sessions I was back home and my ankle was fixed.  No one could believe it until they saw me back on the court moving the way I used to. 

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“I’ve been suffering from groin pains since 1999.  During my sporting days in College, I was accustomed to pain that I trained and competed with left groin and hip pains. To make a long story short, after years of overcompensation, I seriously injured my hip (tore numerous ligaments and was recommended to see Todd after Doctors told me that I’ll need surgery.

After my first 3 visits to Todd, I noticed a significant change with my walk, my breathing and energy levels.  For the first time in over 10 years, I can lunge/squat without any pain.  In a nutshell, he reset my system and I feel rejuvenated. If you haven’t been treated by Todd, then you won't be able to comprehend.  I’m privileged to work with him and I understand his unique healing techniques. He is the man with the master plan for total health and fitness solution.  The human body is like a computer with an operating system, it needs to be upgraded and serviced for maximum efficiency and so does the human body for survival.

 ~ Chinedu Amadi, Former All Canadian Sprinter, CIS Silver Medallist and OUA 60m Gold Medalist 2001)

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I met Todd Swaine 11 months ago, two weeks after Achilles Tendon surgery.  I had a complete rupture that required surgical repair. Conventional medicine and protocol prescribe a rehabilitation / physiotherapy program to commence 8 to 10 weeks after surgery. I am very happy that I ignored “protocol” and began my treatment with Todd so quickly.  Todd’s approach and grasp of the human body and how it functions is truly remarkable and in my opinion totally unique. His methods and ideology are completely sound and logical.

Our treatment encouraged both mental / psychological and physical treatment. Not mental or psychological by conventional terminology, more so with respect to an understanding of how the body and mind function and getting the whole machine in sync.

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