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My Path to Here

Like many I didn’t begin to take a critical look at my health until there was a problem.

 At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with an enlarged heart.  A condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, the leading cause of sudden death in athletes under 35. 

 I could no longer play competitive sport, which was pretty devastating. I put my life into sport. It was who I was and how I formed my self-worth.  That needed changing and the adjustment process was tough.

 What made it most difficult was no ‘medical professional’ had answers for the questions that seemed most obvious.  The most “qualified” cardiologists in the US told me there was no treatment for it and no way to get rid of it.  I asked what could have caused it but there was no definitive answer, no consensus.  I concluded if the cause is unknown, surely the medical modality can’t effectively treat it.  

The few options they did offer didn’t make sense.  The first offered was a beta-blocker; a drug commonly given to those with high blood pressure. I didn’t have high blood pressure. They then offered exploratory open heart surgery.  Extremely invasive, given their admission it could injure me further and there was no guarantee of any positive outcome. 

I was underwhelmed by the medical options.  I expected more out of a system I admittedly knew very little about.  As underwhelmed as I was with the medical options, those who presented them were not responsible for the poor nature of my health.  I could not blame them.

I began to learn then, my expectations of what others could do for me and for my own health needed to change. I needed to look for information in places I wasn’t used to looking.



Chiropractics was the first health alternative I tried; it was a good first step. 

The work helped open my eyes because I witnessed people that were actively trying different means to treat diseases that I had previously been told were a lost cause.

Topics of nutrition, food quality (Organic, Non-GMO) and supplementation were discussed. This was a big contrast to the prior teachings I’d received on food groups and food pyramids.

I began to understand that not all food products were the same even if the name on the front label was. For example I learned not every “apple” had the same nutrition content based on the way it was grown and harvested.

It also addressed my physical body which I innately knew was crucial.  I knew if I didn’t feel physical changes, the therapy wasn’t working.

They were proactive and that’s what I appreciated most.  My ears needed to hear that I wasn’t a lost cause, and there were tangible changes I could make.  Planting the mental seed of reversing my condition was huge.

Chiropractic work was helpful, but at age 18 my focus went to having fun at college and my health took a back seat. I saw noticeable regressions physically and mentally. Poor diet, casual drinking and a workaholic mentality made me symptomatic.

I was chronically fatigued and irritable. I never had enough energy, and was tired always. I rarely felt good except after a nap, which came few and far between.

Migraine headaches and brain fog became common.  It took me forever to concentrate. My brain was scattered all over the place…everywhere except where I needed it.  I was headstrong and forced my way through it.

As a result, symptoms of chronic low back pain, slow digestion and poor immunity also manifested.

To top it all off MRI testing of my heart following graduation showed a 4mm increase in atrium size. This All-American kid with 3.7 GPA and All-conference honors in golf was progressively dying at the age of 22. Physically and mentally I felt terrible.


First Impressions do Last

At this time I was introduced to SOS Survival Operating System® through my brother Jason Chiero following the coursework he received from Todd Swaine, creator of SOS Survival Operating System® manual therapy.

When I first received an SOS treatment I felt so good. For the first time in a long time I had nothing to bitch and complain about. Literally nothing hurt. I was out of pain and my body could truly rest.

It was the work my body was desperate for, it just couldn’t be heard over the nonsense I was putting in through.

I felt what it was like to be body aware again. I liked it and wanted more.

I remained in close contact with my brother.  I received more treatment and asked more questions. Our relationship grew tight.  We got to connect in ways that our age difference had not yet allowed.  I got to know a brother who I had seen but with whom I had not yet completely bonded.  It was awesome.

I needed to get myself healthy and his support was vital and for that I am extremely grateful.

Thank you, Jason. 

 What I have most to thank Jason for is introducing me to Todd. 



When I met Todd and took his courses it became abundantly clear that he is the real deal and what he has created truly works. He knows how to match the mental and physical aspects of health in impressive ways.  People need what he has created.  It is the solution to health as we know it.

He teaches his hands-on approach and is there to explain in precise detail why it is effective.  There is no guess work.  His explanations are undeniably accurate.  You are able to see the impact in real time right in front of you, getting results physically before you’ve thought possible.

SOS taught me the effect my decisions had on my body.  Training with Todd I see the importance of what I grossly undervalued, myself.

The box of thought I was operating from did not allow me to see the consequences of my actions.  The choices I made and the situations I put myself in were directly the cause of my poor health.  Learning from Todd why and how these actions negatively affected my health allowed understanding of what to do to create fundamental change.

This is what I needed from the beginning. This is what Todd showed me. He offered true perspective. 

What he teaches goes beyond what others know and can educationally offer, which makes his training essential.  The educational experience that SOS brings is game changing and cannot be replicated.

SOS manual therapy is something we all need.    


My Result 

I wouldn’t be writing with confidence without result.

In May of 2015, three years after beginning SOS treatments and implementing its principled self-care practices, I underwent more testing on my heart.  Ultrasound revealed extreme improvements. 

The areas that were most enlarged once 27mm thick, now only measured 14mm.

Other sections, which were 13mm were found to be in “normal” range measuring 11mm.

I asked the Dr. to describe this test result separate from the ones I had previous “with no knowledge of my previous history, how would he describe this test result?”

He answered by saying “there is no significant thickness, this is a largely normal Echocardiogram.” 

He went on to describe the test result using terms like “unremarkable” and “unimpressive” … terms that are used when results are equal to what is “normal.”

I recall a mountain of weight lifted from me when I heard the results.  The way I felt as I progressed through SOS treatments made me confident that I could expect a result like this. 

I had outwardly expressed to others, that I felt my heart was healing.  They looked at me weird, expressing that I was crazy.  Well, “crazy” now had proof.   

I have to express my gratitude to Todd Swaine.  He changed my life. 

He gave me things that cannot be measured with a ruler or any other measuring stick. He taught me things no one else could.  He taught me concepts of true value and significance that made the physical changes I needed possible. 

I have experienced the recovery and healing process and I am here to help others in their pursuit of it as well.  This is why I continue to train with Todd and the other SOS practitioners. 

Being able to offer people the SOS manual therapy technique and philosophy has been the most rewarding experience I have ever had.  Having the opportunity to work with individuals in health circumstances like the one I found myself in is why I went deeper into training with Todd. 

I am here to help change the way people view their health and well-being.  SOS is the service that is necessary to offer true preventative measures for health & longevity, and I am glad to be here to offer this to those looking.


Other Results in Closing 

A huge point of significance as a result of SOS is, I no longer experience concussion symptoms from previous sport-related head trauma.  Crazy to think given the amount of blows to the head I’ve had.

The migraine headaches I suffered through as a result are completely gone and my mental focus is better than ever.  My head and mind recovered and now work in ways they never could.     

Chronic low back pain, primarily from years of poor mechanics, in particular with golf, is also no longer with me.  I have ease of movement again and it feels phenomenal.  My range of motion as a result is incredible. 

Before I used to feel tired enough to sleep standing up. Those days are gone.  I have energy on reserve again.  This time it is steady, no spikes and crashes.  I am alert and can respond better than ever to the demands in my environment.

My digestion is vastly improved and my immunity is strong.  I have not fallen ill in many years and am no longer victim to inheriting the “bug” every time it goes around like before.

In closing, Todd and SOS deserve all due credit.  He has done an impeccable job, the results speak for themselves. 

We all need to be investing more of our time and energy into our health and the place to go is here. 

I appreciate your time, thank you for reading. 


Caleb Chiero.

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