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There comes a point within each individual and situation, that enough is enough.  This point could be from eating too much, doing too much to how we allow others to talk/treat us.  I hit this limit in search of health and truth of how and why there is so much disease. Why did I look and feel as I did, yet I was doing what I was “suppose” to do.  When there is no one to answer your question, sometimes it is best to ask self.  So, I stopped asking others and began asking myself.  This was the smartest choice I ever made.  I wanted to be my best at which ever I did and at the same time be objective with the information.  It was important to me to offer and be of service to others and to do no harm.  I believed in fairness and justice if you will.  It was a passion of mine as a child and grew more and more.  I wondered why, as a society we are supposed to be more intelligent, more advanced than yester years, yet disease is presenting earlier in life and becoming almost a guarantee for each person.  I am ruthless when seeking answers, I ask, and ask and ask more until I have as much information and angles covered to allow for my understanding.

I like to figure things out in a way that makes sense to me. I realized we all have our own definition of things.  To me, if I did not understand why, it was worthless.  I did not do well in school where I had to regurgitate information for the sake of a mark. Just because someone has a piece of paper, it does not correlate to knowledge.  I personally find farmers very knowledgeable. I have yet to see one of them have a plaque on their wall stating a degree from wherever for whatever. I did buy into the idea many of us were sold, that we needed college to be somebody. I found many of the courses I was forced to take were not applicable to my desire or passion. 

I sought out on my own study on diet, training, philosophy, physics, chemistry, economics and writing, as well as Osteopathic courses.  I say courses as I quit that schooling once I felt it was just another box. I could not continue to invest into something I did not believe in.  I played sports and lifted weights regularly for 18 years. This helped me understand the application of biomechanics and injuries more intimately. I learned that hard work and discipline is the key that opens doors to success.  I worked hard at the sports I played.  I took the time to understand the fundamentals of the movement. I began to realize and appreciate what hard work was. To me everything is possible if I was willing to put the time in. The more is better idea. Quitting and giving up was never an option. I followed the dogma of mind over matter.  This took time to unravel that mentality.

I know how it is to be “sick”.  I was “sick” as a child virtually ongoing. Doctor appointments were part of the routine.  Experimenting with antibiotics was a norm for me.  Penicillin and I did not get along. I found that out the hard way.  When I was not on the legal drugs, I would gain weight.  This weight stayed with me for decades. Of course I got bugged about being heavy.  Of course it bothered me to take my shirt off and do what was natural.  I tried to lose the weight to feel better but it just didn’t seem to go away.  Oddly it did not stop me from playing sports or excelling at them.  Only later in life have I realized the cost to my body.

As a child I wanted to be a doctor, and to help others. It just felt natural to me to want to share and help. Regardless of my passion, my marks prevented me from joining their “higher” learning centers. As I was going through the school system, it did not make sense to me nor did I do well. So I settled with business, then recreation leadership, then fitness and lifestyle, then training and personal courses and lastly manual osteopathy. I did not stop there, nor ever, I did my own research, on my own time at my pace. I didn’t need someone to push me to look things up. I loved understanding everything and sharing.  It was just fascinating to me. I was in search for the fundamentals of why, rather than a quick fix. I was searching to be free and obtain health.

For those reading this please give gratitude and reverence to the ones that have chosen to spend their life to help others. Just because most Doctors use drugs as the first response does not make them evil or necessarily corrupt. I would like to share my opinion that Pharma Drugs are not the answer outside of an emergency.  There is a time and place for everything.  Without drugs many people would die, without a second chance.  My mother being one of them. The drugs and care or lack there of, did not kill her. Her choices and actions led her to problems that were not caught in time to be fixed. Normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance are plagues affecting many people worldwide.  Her problems started out in her childhood, which led to a predicament that had minimal chance of reversal.  I say minimal, because what I am aware of today, I believe it could have been reversed.  The principle of uncertainty states, there is nothing certain. 


Believing and keeping faith

Everything happens for a reason, so I accepted things are the way they are. The journey was started alone and maybe it was to be completed alone. I also did not want to be told what is acceptable and what is not when presenting what I had discovered.  We as the public get the results that suit the product demands and do not get shown full disclosure. I believe in free choice. It is important to be objective, honest and respectful when offering information. It is up to the reader to make their choice.  As I became aware of why, what and how; I tried to share with those closest to me but to them it seemed like a far out theory.  The ridiculing and avoidance toward me began. Keep in mind, there was a time many thought the world was flat, only a few believed it to be round.

I hit my limit hearing everyone tell everyone how this is or that but yet they had disease. It is important to consider the question as I did in 2007.  What if everything we were taught was foundationally wrong? Where to start? This is more difficult to do than it sounds. Once an idea is planted into the mind it is used as truth and a reference point.  All information around that concept or theme is included or rejected based off the first original idea.  The brain develops pathways based around this idea and creates perception.  The way we engage in our environment is directly impacted based off ideas, true or false. It is much easier to plant the seed then it is to de-root the mighty oak tree.

At this time, I stopped reading books and seeking out others for information and looked within myself.  I had to create my own opinion rather than using others as my source.  Everyone I went to learn from was saying something similar just with a slight twist. So I sat in my basement, got out the white boards and began looking at what mattered most.  Here I found some answers. I did not throw the baby out with the bath water, not everything I had been exposed to be useless.  It was just in the wrong order.  As I was getting answers, I was getting more questions. I had developed a hierarchy flow chart within the body for criteria that must be met in order to survive. I then broke each section down into detail. But really the question never changed. That question after establishing that the body has a Survival Operating System was, WHY. I kept asking why until there was one profound answer. Then I would move on to the next system or disease and asked the same question, WHY.  Shockingly, it brought me to the same answer as the first question.  Repeating this several times, it came to the same root cause. The more I looked at it the simpler it became yet with a profound level of complexity.  It was much simpler to see how things developed based on why.  This approach has a logical flow, even in the most extreme cases and diseases.  There is a profound intelligence whether one recognizes it or not.

I then, as any true scientist would, tested it on me. Well to say the least it worked and it make logical sense. I applied my logical side with my intuitive feeling side to gain as much experiential understanding. This is where I realized the body and mind must be valued as equal.  It was almost too simple to be true, yet very complex. I lost weight super fast, and people thought I was sick.  I lost inflammatory weight. The truth was, I was sick with the inflammation.  Those that “knew” me thought I was sick when I dropped the weight.  I did have several moments that I wondered why does so many that “know” me think I am sick; yet, the new people I meet think I am healthy?

I replace and upgrade every chance I can.  I learn from the prince or the pauper, every life experience good or bad. Funny how the ones we perceive bad in the short term end up being a blessing in the long run.  Everything was a contributing factor for helping understand why. I change at the moment I am aware and understand. That is the opposite of insanity, as many liked to label me, rather it is the definition of intelligence.

I would share the ideas and concept to my friends, colleagues and clients and see what kind of discussion would come of it.  Very few if any got what I was trying to share.  Their academics, belief systems and invested ideas into self-got in the way of hearing something new.  This only made sense as I walked my journey.  I was getting use to being called difficult and egoic. This also made more sense later down the path.  I was confused, I was trying to explore and share yet many were taking it as a threat. Needless to say my journey has been done alone.  As I am sure any vision is.


Right before my eyes

In 2007 my mother’s “health” hit rock bottom. She was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.  Long story short she needed a liver transplant, miraculously she found a match.  My mom was down to single digit days and it could have easily been an hourly count down to death. I watched the “experts” do their best and yet it was not working.  At this time, I was taking osteopathic courses.  Just like the hospitals and in the courses no one could answer my questions. I was told to stop interfering by many. I have had almost every type of therapy and they did not work, so it was not just the experts’ way that was not working. My definition of working is getting to the root cause.  Having a micro focus and big macro picture view, short term and long term. I have always done things my own way. Looking back I can only imagine, how much of a treat I was for my parents growing up and when I was in school, for my teachers. 

Just when things looked like my mother situation was moving in the right direction a massive curveball was thrown. My mother’s left coronary artery blew apart. The miracle is she lived, and walked back into dialysis after it happened. The outlook, shall we say, was dismal. Around 99% of the people die that experience this.  Yet she was still kicking even after a 2 hour helicopter ride to a hospital that was able to help.  It literally looked like someone put a firecracker in the artery, it was that blown apart. My dad and I stood in the coronary ICU beside my mother waiting for a dialysis machine. See the lungs had become filled with fluid due to the heart not being able to pump properly anymore.  They preached how it was a miracle she got this far, yet we were waiting for hours at bedside for a dialysis machine.  I told my dad, it can’t get any worse than this, it is my turn -- she needs help.

There was nothing to lose and I believed in my work.  My parents always supported me. My mother was a huge supporter bordering a fan of me if you will.   The Survival Operating System is not just a philosophy or theory; it is also a manual therapy that I created techniques to follow the principles.  At this point I was just figuring out the techniques.  I thank my 3+ yrs. of Osteopathy training, without it I would not have developed my hands.  Here I did my techniques, the machines started to go haywire. Nurses came running and doctors as well. What happened? I spoke up and told them I am helping her. Her body knows what to do we just have to remind it.  That fell on deaf ears shall we say.  Long story short, she turned for the better and had surgery the next day. She then went on to rehab once again.  To me it was no gamble, but to those not understanding what I did they had their opinion.  The results speak for themselves.  The take home message is we all need to work as a team and respect each other without discrimination. 

I visited almost daily and did my SOS manual therapy. My mother got better fast and was home pretty quick. I helped her with her diet, as the diet that was recommended was pathetic. To note, she had a liver transplant a little over a year, prior to the heart attack.  With the amount of chemical drugs she was on, it surprised me she even had room for actual food in her stomach.  Of course she would not listen and take it easy. IT was just her nature. Or was it.... we shall see in the following pages to come, you can make your own opinion up.

Around 4 months after the surgery on the left coronary artery she had another major heart attack at dialysis. She had 3 in total at dialysis.  Yet the “experts” felt there was no correlation to the fact, guess it was just coincidence.  She spent 10 days in a coma and doctors made several attempts at trying to figure out what was wrong. At this time, there was the H5N1 scare. The media did a good job informing everyone. Even the doctors focused on that over the heart problem.  I sat in all the meetings and offered my 2 cents (if it was even worth that much). Remember, I don’t have the plaque on the wall saying I did something and no letters saying I am someone.   I kept suggesting that the surgery fell apart. Sometimes intuition is just as accurate as logic. This fell on deaf ears.  Long story short, the doctors realized the surgery had fallen apart.  Sometimes things are that simple, yet we like to look for the most complex.

The cardiac doctors were very skilled and did surgery as best they could with what they had to work with. The diagnosis was left sided congestive heart failure, not a surprise.  The situation was very dismal now.  The hope was to get her out of ICU. That would be an accomplishment.  That was accomplished, and then the hospital moved my mother out of ICU, all the way to the local area hospital, which was 90 minutes away. They shipped her back as in their opinion she was stable enough to be moved.  Yet, there was not much hope she would spend her days outside the hospital again. That was a shock to call the hospital and find out they moved her without notifying us. Not to worry we tracked her down eventually.

Needless to say, wherever I went with my mother, I encountered resistance from the system.  They could not answer my questions, yet I could answer theirs. The focus was, “what do you do”, like it was relevant. Any time I shared what I did, they became condescending. Like I didn’t understand, yet I spoke their language. I would remind them that my mother was very weak, let’s keep focused please, it wasn’t about you or me, and it was about my mother.  Their prognosis was palliative care. I told my mom “you will be home before you know it, believe it”.  The one element missing in the institutions is love.  It is sadly under estimated. Just because something cannot be measured doesn’t mean it does not have value.

 I would travel 90 minutes each way several times a week to do my mom’s survival centers and she was getting better. Soon she was off stabilizing blood pressure drugs. Within days she began to sit and then stand, be able to walk to the washroom, yes she was urinating.  Then, physiotherapy came and here I met more resistance. They had protocols for specific things, and sadly they shove people into the box like everyone is the same.  After progressing my mother workload greater than double each day for 4 days in a row she had a relapse and it was a shock to them! I demanded to see the charting on why they chose such increases in volume without waiting for the effects to kick in.  There was no charting.  Looking back I may have been harsh at the time. I asked the therapist, if it were her mom would you do it to her?  When things work they love the praise, when things don’t work there is no accountability. Then the age old “passes the buck game” started.  The deflection was the cardiologist ok’d this and everything seemed fine.  Whose definition of fine, I do not know. I spoke with the cardiologist and I shared my theory.  Of course my theory was disregarded, that damn paper and title was missing!  My theory if you are wondering was, an accumulated build up of fluid into the lungs due to the lack of recovery from the amount of volume that was being imposed on her. 

It was obvious that I needed to take control.  I could not stand back and watch them do what a textbook or false positive ECG was stating. I was not going to turn a blind eye to what was happening. I was going to stand up for my mother and what I believed in. I ask my mother for permission and she agreed. I presented my ideas and I asked for simple and logical protocols. To share I requested; they were not allowed to do anything until 3 days of the same intensity and volume were met with no set back. Seems logical I am sure to you the reader but was not to them at the time.  After the relapse things were really dark. The doctor’s options were to make her comfortable. This is where open-minded doctors are needed to consider information outside of what is within their indoctrinated teachings. I told them, “Sorry that is unacceptable apparently you are unaware of the miracle call the body”.  I did the survival centers again. Long story short, she was home within 9 days from that relapse!

My mother’s story did not end as bright as one may have hoped. She passed away from a heart attack at dialysis December 9 2009, 3 months after leaving the hospital.  Yes, dialysis again. For those that are not aware of the definition of insanity, here it is: repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

There is a silver lining here, for if my mother did not go through this journey it would not have exposed things for me to analyze.  It also helped me believe in myself, which was the greatest gift my mom could ever have given me (besides carrying me in womb when they recommended abortion).  So, to my mother I was her miracle and to me she was mine, so I can share the information to whoever has the ears to hear and the eyes to see.

After my mother’s passing, I worked very diligently with a fire greater than the sun to finish what I had started.  It was not to prove them wrong and me right, that is childish.  It was a matter of doing what is right for all. There is a time and space for everything. I did it because I feel things do not have to be this way.  The feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are something I would not wish on the worst enemy. Each day I gained more understanding and awareness. I cared not if people believed me, for I knew my truth.

My techniques worked so well people were getting better faster and feeling better than they had ever before.  One person who experienced the benefits and believed in what I was doing was WWE superstar Edge, Adam Copeland. Adam and I worked together before I was developing Survival Operating System manual therapy. When I began to apply the principles to my already existing toolbox he recovered from injuries at an incredible rate. The biggest injury was when Adam ruptured his Achilles tendon.   Three months after surgery, the boot was just off.  2.5 months later he was back in the ring, moving better than before and jumping higher.  This opened doors into various other doors as I had already worked with NBA, NCAA and Olympic athletes.  The athletes would introduce me to the trainers so we could work as a team. The resistance I got from trainers was incredible.  I was excited to share what I was doing, but too green to realize I was threatening to them in their minds.  This always confused me; I thought it was about helping people, not about selfish immature ego trips. Again, I was green; maturity on my behalf was needed as well.


Ready or Not

I was pressured to teach from some buddies that convinced me to.   I was not prepared; I did not feel I was at that point.  I said, “All I can do is try”, and that’s what I did. I was wrong and they were right.  In the process of preparing to share information on something I had not presented for more than an hour, here I am embarking on a 3-day venture. No power point, no experience just standing and talking with my hand written “manual”. I had taken lots of courses and used what styles I liked and alchemically created my style. The research put into the details right down to molecules of why was invaluable.  Little did they know they taught me to look even deeper into the rabbit hole. 


When I looked at information on the Internet I knew what I was looking for. I could discern and see the missing components.  Before, I was gathering as much as I could and assumed it was true.   Not surprising, lots of what I was about to present to them could not be found in writing, but I could prove to them in person as it would happen right on the table.  The results were undeniable. The profound nature was it might have never been thought of or done before.

The more involved I got into my studies and practical application the more everything made sense.  I pretty much mean everything. How things worked from cars, computers, engineering, electricity, plumbing, economic situation, ecosystem, and solar system even as big as the cosmos. For the micro and the macro is one in the same. Quantum physics teaches this.  During this process it was an even more lonely path. I did not want to ask others as they were regurgitating what they were told but they never questioned. There were so many common answers like everyone had a program from the matrix when asked.  To many, it seemed as though as I was a radical or “out there” type.  Actually, many still do to this day. Yet when the medical system failed people they came to me for help.  Here I would like to say, the medical system is a great system. It must be understood what its role is. Its role is emergency, not health.  There is a huge gap from the onset of dysfunction and emergency.


I say thank you to my true family, the ones I got to choose. I say thank you to those that stuck by me when I may have seemed “out there” or in tough times. Thank you Mom and Dad for always supporting and believing in me. My mother was a true martyr and teacher.  My father was like a rock that was strong for me. Sometimes things get rough but little reminders are there pushing forward to shine some light on what is important.  Words don’t do justice what it meant to me but I will try anyways.


Thank you for your time,


Todd Swaine xyz



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