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In life we all have our journey consisting of tests, lessons, and choices creating our unique experience or timeline within relationships to the collective environments.  I am no different, nor would I ever claim to be. Into my teenage years and during university, my choices lead me to experience depression, anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and food allergies.  As a child I had asthma, which I was told I “grew out of.”  The asthma returned during my second year of university.  This time called “Exercise Induced Asthma.”  From grade 8 until grade 11, and again in second year of university I was overweight.  I also found a way to suffer with nasal sinus aches almost daily.  I also had a degree of scoliosis (very evident by the position of my rib cage).   The number of times I hit my head snowboarding in my life and the way I felt, I was most definitely chronically concussed.  Mentally, everyday was a struggle, and physically everyday came with discomfort. Needless to say, I did not understand the definition of health.  This is my story as it began; as someone who needed help.

I was no stranger to feeling pain.  My studies at Queen’s taught me that regardless of how much information was being presented, the method was not working.  In attempts to apply the information to help my ‘health’ situation I was confused on where to even begin.  The information being offered only really led me to the conclusion to eat right and exercise.  Of course it didn't really seem to matter what I ate, I still didn’t feel ‘right’.  If I ate well I didn’t feel as poorly, but I still wasn’t enjoying the way I felt.  To call it what it is and present the absolute truth; if it is not good, it is bad. 

Admittedly, the thought crossed my mind one time that maybe this is just the way I was going to feel; like I am dying.  This was just the way I was going to feel my experience of life.  But at the same time, I was at the point where I had to die trying, whether that was tomorrow or 100 years from now.  Bottom line was I wanted to feel good, enjoy my life experience, and help others do the same. 

Well lucky for me, I wanted to work in the health field, so looking for a job also constituted researching for my health.  Long story short, in 2009 I met Todd and began working during the summer and off and on between school and other jobs for the next two years. Through educational grunt work transcribing, organizing, and assisting in project development, I have been privileged to learn a great deal about Survival Operating System principles with applications of information and the manual therapy.  I have also applied what I have learned for the health of myself, and others. 

With discipline I have achieved health.  My health continues to improve to this day.  I no longer live in pain, I live with increasing degrees of ease.  What a relief it is to be getting better and not worse.  The foods to which I was previously non-anaphylactic allergic (chicken, eggs, almonds, peanuts, dairy, gluten) are gone, and I have not had any IBS attacks in 3 years.  And depression packed its bags a long time ago leaving with anxiety.

What I have learned from SOS is how to a systematic non-assumptive problem solving method by teaching me how to think and ask questions for greater understanding of any situation.  Thinking and feeling be identified and utilized. This has allowed me to offer treatments and information on exercise and diet to my Mom, whom has been able to reduce reliance on her pacemaker as a result.

I have also learned how to use the SOS manual therapy techniques on my dog.  Within a month her energy level changed, she has lost weight and her walking pattern changed even with a torn ACL.

When I think on the past, I cannot believe how I feel now.  What I have learned about the human body from SOS, and am continuing to learn.  Seemingly, it never stops.  What I have learned from SOS, is not that the information I learned in school is wrong, but how to look at it.  What angle, level, or dimension is this information being ‘observed’ from.  What works for a single cell may not work for a single unit of 80-100 trillion cells, called the body.  Problem solving an injury or dis-ease state has become simpler and the results have followed.  Now some of what I learned in school can be used for greater depth of understanding and some of it is just outdated and wrong.    

I will go on record making a bold claim.  This is what people who are looking for the answer to health are looking for.  I am speaking from someone who was once in that position.  My position as a Manual Therapist and within the company may present as a bias, but this is the truth. 

Many circumstances contributed to the depression I developed during my teenage years into my early 20’s.  Ultimately I did not make the choices within my freewill to be within the law of cause and effect and create a more desirable outcome.  The truth is, to earn respect we need to respect self first.  I absorbed everything, coping instead of adapting to prevent suffering.  At the end of grade 11 I began exercising along with minor diet changes for weight loss.  I successfully brought my weight down to a level I believed was appropriate for my form. Working out peaked my interest in the body and led me to study kinesiology in my fifth year of high school.  This was a great choice as I realized my passion.  I now knew what I wanted to study in Post-secondary education, making the extra year of high school well worth the time invested.

In high school I was a member of the Snowboarding team, practicing as a team every Monday night and racing every week or two throughout the winter.  I was a member of the golf team.  I tried my hand at football in my fifth year, though I was never very good.  It takes a special kind of athlete to be able to play such a difficult sport, and I gave it my best.  I am glad I had the experience.


Queen’s Legacy

In university I attained a great deal of data points from the health studies program at Queen’s University, to which I am thankful to my professors, teacher’s assistants, and peers for their guidance.  Attending Queen’s University was a phenomenal experience.  Access to exercise facilities and sports clubs including Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, and racing Mountain Biking allowed me to push my body’s musculoskeletal system to levels I am still astonished I achieved.  In the gym, I achieved the ability to lift 2.5 times my body weight.  This contributed to my Napoleonic complex and I earned myself a pair of big boy pants.  Today both theory and application offer me awareness to the cost of my choice to complete this accolade.  However, this is a classic example of a 20/20 hindsight learning opportunity.

In third year I sought out participation in the Student Trainer program and the Strength and Conditioning program offered at Queen’s.  As a student trainer I gained field experience and learned a great deal of application in first aid, injury assessments and protocols, and game preparation.

The Strength and Conditioning coordinator at Queen’s was a mentor to me during my third year to my fifth year.  He took the time to teach and guide me on my journey. I learned a great deal from him about exercise, program design, and communication within groups. I am very thankful to him, as well as all the players and staff that were apart of the Men’s Varsity hockey team.    


Looking for a Solution: A Therapeutic Journey

I tried many modalities and met kind caring professional people along the way who wanted nothing more than to help me.  Many of these modalities had their purposes.  However each therapeutic method and/or therapist had a specified scope, and some of the things I was dealing with were beyond that scope.  I even tried things by my own pursuit including supplements, dietary changes, meditation, journaling, but nothing made enough of a difference.  Nothing gave me the power to be the master of my own domain.  Nothing gave me the power to fight for my health and my life.  The downward spiral was only being managed, not even stopped, let alone reversed and healed. 

Everything changed when I began a summer job with Todd Swaine, Creator of SOS Survival Operating System® after my second year of University.  At this time my depression was its worst, I was overweight again, developing food allergies, and experiencing ever-changing degrees of pain.  I needed help to understand why I was having this experience and how this happened. During the four months of summer I received a small sample of what Todd could do, and was doing.  In my first treatment from Todd it became very evident I had found a one-stop shop for understanding and correcting my body and mind. I knew (possibly at a soul level) I had found a fundamental method to end my madness.  I had found something that to this day is reversing my dysfunctions at layers so I deep I could not have perceived them when I started this journey.  I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole is.  Todd has shared so much information with me I truly believe he saved my life, for which I am forever gracious.

After my fourth year of university I really began to question, do my own research, and explore SOS in greater detail.  My ideas and beliefs are what I used to make my choices that led me down a path of suffering.  At the time MY truth was not working for me.  As I presented these ideas and beliefs Todd kept debunking me.  This often led to frustration.  But the questions created an opportunity for change, and reassessment of my definitions of life, health, exercise, perception, respect…and the list goes on.  This led to questioning my old belief system. When I hit a certain layer of questioning the bottom of the belief would fall out.  My beliefs were weak at the root, and failed within certain layers of tests for truth. 

I knew I had to learn why Todd made certain suggestions and how to be a therapist that could relate to individual minds and bodies in such depth.  All while using hands-on therapy, sharing information, communicating and questioning (logically and intuitively) to find the root of the problem to facilitate the healing process for another.  I decided to work full time with Todd when I finished University and attend SOS courses.  The combination of working with Todd, attending the SOS manual therapy courses, independent study, and clarity of mind and body; I am now able to utilize and apply a great deal of information from the fields of conceptual physics (quantum and mechanical), anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, linguistics, psychology, economics, metaphysics, and philosophy.  I know within myself that SOS is foundational to understanding, respecting, and healing a body and mind.  In my experience it offers the fundamental missing piece to achieving true health.


That’s a Wrap

We all need guidance, but we all must do it by self and for self. Freeing myself from the shackles of various forms of pain was the greatest blessing of my life.  Through the education from SOS as well as the time I have invested into independent research, I have learned how to create application for the unique circumstances of other individuals.  My Mom is one of them.  She has had phenomenal results including weight loss, reduction in pharmaceutical drug dosage (in 3/5 prescriptions to zero), and significant reduction in reliance on her pacemaker.  Heck, it even worked on my dog.   These are examples of why I chose to make SOS Survival Operating System® my career path and a major part of my journey.  It is my greatest desire to share the experience of freedom from suffering, pain, and disease with others.

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