Breaking Down Stress

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Have you ever heard that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Or you need to stress the body to make it stronger? On the other hand you will hear that too much stress will kill you. Well, which is it? Is stress good or is it bad? Or does it come in degrees, which then makes it bad? Or is it just clearly misidentified and the definition is actually wrong?

I contend that all stress creates an oxygen debt, a position of need for the human body. To the degree the human body is experiencing stress that creates oxygen debt.  The body is put into a coping position, which is supposed to be a temporary position. The coping position has different types of hormones than a non-stressed position would. A stressed position has hormones to increase fuel (sugars) in the blood, and increase the ability of the heart to pump stronger and faster, as it would need to move more blood throughout the body. But what if that never really shut off?  Wouldn’t everything at that point be a stress to the human body? It might look like stress is a good thing than for other people the exact same action choice situation is a bad thing.

What if the body did not have oxygen debt and the individual functioned from a position of stimulus? What is stimulus? Stimulus is something that we can handle whether physical or mental. Stimulus is at an intensity that allows us to comprehend and understand at a pace that is manageable. At the point when something becomes unmanageable, it is then a stress. They are vastly bipolar concepts and its truly sad that people think stressing themselves, exercise stress, mental stress, is actually good for them. Truthfully it is destroying their body, decreasing their IQ, and making them overall more unhappy.

Does it have to be this way? No.  But do people know the difference between a stimulus and a stress? That truly is the question that only the individual can answer if they know their actual state of being.