3. Respect for Knowledge

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Each person has his or her level of awareness.  It can be a dangerous practice to give too much respect because of letters or academics.  It can also be dangerous practice to give no respect because there are no letters or academics.  I have found in my experience to respect my knowledge and opinion but being open to all angles.  But having my own opinion first.  We all need a starting point.

It takes a lot of time and effort to acquire knowledge.  Many obtain their information through structured schooling, and some are self-taught. Gaining knowledge requires effort and exposure to various types of information and situations to gather data for understanding.  One thing is for sure it takes time and dedication. 

It is easy to feel intimidated when talking to someone about a topic that you have little awareness or understanding in.  It’s a double edge sword to respect knowledge and accept the new concept or disregard the new concepts because they are beyond awareness levels.

Consider information and knowledge is ageless. What is new to me may be old to you.  How intriguing?  Knowledge is not age based, letter based or name based.  Consider knowledge is fundamental based.  If it works for all it is real knowledge.  Does it stand the test of time?

There are many ways to gain knowledge.  The more exposure to various environments the greater experience acquired. Travelling is a great way to obtain knowledge, being exposed to new ethnic cultures.

I believe it starts with our parents.   Valuing what our parents have to offer can be a key or a lock.  If parent does not allow question, many will over polarize respecting authority out of fear of punishment.  They may also rebel and dispel all authority.  Do they pass along skills for life, their knowledge to us?  Do they have much knowledge or skills for the times we live in?  Currently the world and society changes very rapidly.  Appreciating the newness while respecting the past will allow us to keep the baby while getting rid of the dirty bath water.