4. Respect for Experience

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Today the world seems to revolve around paper, letters and numbers.  There seems to be an over polarized opinion that without these letters and papers there is little value.  This paper can be in the form of a degree, certification to even the paper in your wallet.  These are very mechanical measurements that really do not do much for anyone other than put them in a box of limitation.

There is a very under rated intangible that cannot be measured by a letter, picture, degree, age or even a trophy, that is experience.  Experience is the real life application.  Theory may say up but experience says down.  Theory might say it’s impossible but experience says it is possible.

It seems common practice for the group with the letters, papers and numbers to look down upon those without them.  This arrogant behavior only creates separation due to a belief.  Reading a book about rock climbing and doing it is vastly different.  Sounds fun and exciting in the book, but the strength and dedication are something that can’t be measured unless it has been experienced.  Experience is personal.

Who do you think is better at farming or sports, the guys’ doing it or the people reading the books on anatomy/physiology?  I would suggest the farmer knows a lot about what really happens on the fields, in the barn and around harvest over a lab rat.  I would also suggest that a player of any sport knew very little about training principles, proper bio mechanics, eating habits or anything taught in a particular program yet they are proficient at their sport. 

Experience is the application, while the papers and letter concepts are theory.  Take a look around the world.  Many theories are becoming bad experiences.  The current theories in many fields of work are not working.  The individuals at the top, the policy makers and title holders are in their clubs of papers, letters and numbers are correct, just ask them.  Yet, looking around, it is obvious, it is not. 

The respect for experience has been disregarded over the last century.  Sadly, due to this arrogance, the collective are going to learn through the experience.  The good news is no one will tell anyone different after his or her experience.  The respect for experience will be again valued.