5. Respect for Time

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Each day has a limited amount time as the earth and sun do their dance.  Just because the day is limited does not mean our days are.  

What is time? For context I am going to define time as a measurement that allows coordination of schedules and processes.  Schedules are important for many reasons.  To have no schedule there would be chaos.  Just imagine if there were no stop signs, traffic lights or airplane control towers or just random times stores are open.  These are mental aspects to be followed as we can measure them, we have a clock and a specific time zone for our location to allows this coordination, 

The body is about processing and metabolism of resources and removal of waste products.  This is not dependent on time but is measured by time.  Whether time is moving/measured or not the body can only do what it can based on the resources available.

When there is an external relationship, such as other people it is imperative to respect time as each of us have the same per day.  How we choose to spend it is up to us.  Being late for an appointment shows disrespect of others time and selfishness.  Being late for a plane only hurts the one that missed the time.  The difference between the two is how we value our vs their time.  Why is it acceptable or tolerated to be late for a human being/ friend/family or business engagement but the same person is on time for the plane?  From my observation, I would suggest the plane is going without them and they know it and respect it. 

It is very obvious and interesting how people value and respect their relationships.  What they Take for granted and what they appreciate.  Many expect people to just give their time to them, failing to take the time to do or think for themselves.  This can be balanced by offering something in return. Respecting the time the individual took to acquire the knowledge, experience, understanding and skill by giving back.  Giving back can be as simple as an acknowledgement over an entitlement attitude, to exchange in energy be it of money, food, services.  Whatever works for the individuals in the exchange that is between them.   

When just giving your time or just taking others time there is one guaranteed result, imbalance somewhere within that relationship.  That relationship is built to fail due to the debt created from not respecting others time.  

I have come to realize that many do not value others time and respect the time it took to get the information.  They expect it to be just given at the expense of the individual that chose to use their time to gather it, understand it and package it quantumly compressing years into minutes.  When the individuals that have the information, service, skills or product ask for a balance of energy it doesn’t take long to find out who respects and appreciates time from those that take for granted and have the entitlement attitude. 

Respect is earned, given and received by those that understand the simple balance of respect for time. There is a line that each person has within that they just won’t or can’t give anymore.  Some learn this the hard way; they give and give until they have nothing left to give.  They are not doing anyone any favors by enabling another to learn this cardinal rule, respect of time. They are only learning the hard way themselves that they must respect it to show others to respect it.  Being the example is easier said than done, but always worth it. Respect your time, your IP, intellectual property for you chose to use your time to learn and be the unique you that you are.