6. Respect for Life

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Many confuse respect for life for fear of death.

Respecting life is all life, not just your families or yours.  The tree is alive.  The grass is alive.  The oceans are alive.  The bugs are alive.  Everything around you and I is alive with energy.  What is the difference between an animal and tree?  I am aware they are spelled different.  The animal walks on the earth.  The tree is earth until it is cut, then it’s a tree, separated from earth, on it.  Earth gives life to many bodies. 

There is one gift that is bestowed to all, a body.  Whether that be a planetary body, a formed idea, to animal’s bodies, bodies of water to your very own human body or anybody you shall believe in.

The body is a life giver.  All they do is support life and give life.  That is what makes up our individuality.  IN-divide-u-al, phonetically it is in divide you of all.  What an interesting play on words.

What if respect life was an absolute law.  How many would be following the law?  How many treat their body with reverence and gratitude?  How many protect their body?  How many spend the time to care and research what they put into their body?  How many pay attention to what they do to it, how they do it and how often?

If someone cannot respect their own body/life what message are they sending?  Who is to judge what life is more valued than another?  Is your life more valued than mine?  Is your life more valued than animals or the planets?  What if the books many contend to are misleading?  Attacking is different than protecting and defending.  If you are not willing to protect it or defend it, what value does it have?

What if the punishment for not following this law was loss of life?  What if pain was from inflammation to slow each down to reduce more ignorant actions creating destruction to life?  Would you look at inflammation differently and correct the inflammation to be free?  What if the reward for following this law was eternal life, no aging, and freedom to move and think?  To be creative and express in the unique way each can, consider that can only be done from a position of non-resistance.

Disrespecting your body/life is disrespecting all life.  All life includes the planet, universe and that which created it.  You cannot give what you do not have.  Starting with you is the key to respect of life.  Each choice is contributing to respecting life or not.  It is that simple.