7. Respect for love

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Everyone has their own definition and way of expressing what love is.  No one has to love you. No one has to put up with you. No one has to be your friend.  You can be given away.  You can be divorced. Love is earned by each of us, yet a baby gives it freely upon birth.  Our actions and words allow others to recognize this vibration and feeling.

One thing I can say from experience and observation is; love can conquer fear.  A parent will go into danger to protect their child.  A spouse will walk or run into a fire metaphorically or real to save there loved one.  True love speaks the truth, it asks the questions and makes the hard statements because the individual loves so much it risks being alone and abandoned.  Many judge this action as egoic rather than seeing the gift that is before them.

What type of love do you give; violent, conditional; unconditional or free and balanced love?

Tough love is violent love.  Interesting concept, someone says they love you while they are punching you in the face, kicking you while you are down or yelling/screaming at you like a slave master does a slave.  This is one sided and forced love.

Conditional love is more like a business.  This for that, if you do this I will love you for that.  Surface materialistic mentality requiring constant stroking and attention.   Bordering on a pay for fee service.  This is less violent than tough love but still manipulative, guilt filled and has a spider web of traps hidden within it.  Like the spider sitting on the edge of the web, waiting for something to trigger it and then it pounces.

Unconditional love, is give it all away love, like a charity.  Everything is ok all is accepted.  This can be one sided and eventually lose it charge.  For it loves all the same, there is no intimacy to one thing maybe no things.  All is perfect they accept the tough love as they see its all love with no conditions.

Free and balanced love is a give and receive, self-love and respectful love. It has personal relationship boundaries.  They are kept to maintain balance for open communication.  There are offerings and requests rather than expectations and demands.  The love for humanity is different than the love for the child and different for their partner.  Love has its different vibrations and recognizes each is unique.

How you treat others and animals are a direct reflection to how you treat and love yourself. 

Do you respect their ignorance and accept yours?

Do you respect their knowledge and have gratitude for yours?

Do you respect their experience and thankful for yours?

Do you respect their time and feel blessed to have some?

Do you respect their life as well as your own?

Do you offer or ask, expect or suspect, give or take?  Does not loving another expose an aspect of you not loving you? What if all there is, is love, just varying degrees of awareness and expression?