8. Respect for self for self-respect

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Loving yourself is where everything begins.  Trust your intuition, logic and actions.  Knowing your value, having self worth is required to have respect for self.  Without love, trust, value, worth and belief the individual will not have self respect.

Self-respect is how each of us conducts our thoughts and actions, personally and publicly.   Many play a game of hide and seek.  They act one way in public and bi polar when behind closed doors.  Once there is “no one” watching them they expose their true nature.

How we choose to speak to another is a direct manifestation expressed by our respect of self.  If the person goes along to get along, they are manipulating themselves, which is manipulating all involved.  They are not seeing their internal or external value and worth at the cost of prostituting their mind, body and soul.  They are abandoning self and will begin to create a habit leading to an addiction.

How we act or behave towards another is an expression on what we believe within our self.  Many are afraid to stand alone, be abandoned or exiled from their tribe/family out of fear of not being accepted for being unique.

How we choose to speak to our self is a direct manifestation of what we are not expressing to others.  This becomes extremely violent and judgmental.  The internal dialogue becomes very manipulative and conniving. These stories that the individual makes up constantly destroys their self-love, trust, and value. 

How we act and behave to our self is an expression of what we believe our self-love, trust and value is.  The less valued, the more destructive behaviors.  Addictions are everywhere to control and punish self.  The same as if self did something wrong, yelling at the person in the mirror to change, punching the person in the mirror for looking and feeling that way.

Self-respect is how we treat one and all.  That is acquired when we begin to love and accept who we are.  Realizing we are all different and that is what makes life awesome.  To begin and trust and value who we are.  Sure we will make choices that didn’t work out as intended but the intent is from the heart rather than a ruthless psychopathic mental belief.  Beginning to see self-worth, the gift and blessing that you can offer, not a burden. 

Considering people do want to hear your honest opinion, see your talents, skills and share who you are.  Just as all of us enjoy a good song, movie, sport, book or a simple as a bed, someone had to create it and share it.  They did it because they chose to express self in a unique way.  They loved them self so much, they didn’t give up on them self.  They continued to trust and believe they were worth it. 

There is always one person watching our actions and thoughts; that is self.  Love your self so you can share that love.  Trust yourself so you can share trust.  Value yourself so you can see value in front of you.  Know you are worthy and all that is in your presence is as well.  Respect for self allows self-respect to be expressed and received; it is our own internal police system, government, judge and jury.  Less self-respect internally, the greater external systems required of police state, government and rules.  Self-respect is how each of us is thinking and acting when no one else is around.

Is there any other governing rule in existence, respect for self and non-self?