9. Time to stop doing nothing and start doing something

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Ever thought; if everyone stopped doing his or her nonsense and focused on health of self and the planet what it would look like?  To many, this may be a strange concept to love themselves and those around them.

Why do people disregard the most important need?  Their own body's health and the planets health.  They have little trouble focusing on the wants at the cost to their body’s health and planet.

It does seem many believe or behave as though this is someone else’s responsibility.  These are actions of a selfish mind, possibly, a psychopathic mind.

There are groups that are bringing awareness to various kingdoms that need help such as, animal, plant and oceans.  These look like great projects, but when looking at their behaviors it does present as selfish.

Many of these individuals that are bringing awareness still neglect their primal responsibility, their own health.

How can the planets health get better when the inhabitants are becoming sicker?  Is the planet causing it or the people on it?  This is a simple question to answer.  If there were no humans would earth be healthy?  You betcha it would.

Therefore, looking at self in the mirror and realizing any and all problems start with the "man in the mirror" per se. (the blue will be a link to mj man in the mirror song with lyrics) If the person staring back doesn't do anything about that person in the mirror it will only get sicker.

The sicker the individual, the more resources they will need.  Where are the resources coming from?  Yes, you are correct, the earth! 

When does your health become a priority?  When does the planets health become a priority?  Hmmm, seems there is a common answer there.  Most likely that answer is when they are forced to, like a child having to clean their room when the mess is so bad the floor is now made of clothes.

Where each of us focuses our attention and actions toward is what we prioritize. Regardless, what language comes out of the person’s mouth their actions speak for them.

Want to be healthy? Fix yourself.  Want to have a healthy planet?  Fix yourself. You can't give what you don't have.  If destroying yourself is your way of showing love, how is that vibration going to correct the planets?

We are all walking examples of our beliefs.  Why do we as a collective focus on what we want, at the cost of everything on the planet?  These are behaviors of a 3 year old.  Maybe we all need to grow up before there is nothing for our children to grow up on.

A new paradigm

The new paradigm is about self-reliance, self-responsibility and respect for all life.  Many have become lazy, complacent and apathetic toward their responsibilities, such as their own health, parenting and maintenance of all environments.  It seems the less people do for themselves the more by-laws, rules and policies are being enforced.  This does get the job done but it takes away the collective freedom.

We all need to step up and stop blaming everyone but whom they see in the mirror for this.  Everyone has contributed to this situation to some degree.  Easy doesn’t have to be lazy.  Easy can be the correct and responsible way.  When the easy and lazy way is taken it becomes hard for many.  

I research foods, therapies, economics, physics, philosophy, theosophy, and everything you can think of.  It is my own mantra to be the example I can be best living my truth.  I will say I do not like paying for the lazy people that choose to just parasite off of those that are taking action.  The day is coming very soon, that the lazy will be shaken off like a dog shaking water off its wet coat.  It may be violent, but will be direct and quick. 


Every day, all of us have thousands of opportunities’ to change and make a difference.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I can assure you, it can burn down in a day.