10. The difference between health, fitness and 'pure'-formance

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Many confuse these terms or amalgamate them all into one.  They are different and need to be defined to achieve each.

Health is what an individual does everyday.  What do we all do everyday?  We breathe, eat, sleep, detoxify, laugh, communicate and love.  These are foundational to who we are as an individual.  These are constant factors that must be managed. 

Fitness is what we do after our health practices are stable.  This is intermittently participating, maybe once a day or several times per week.  Fitness is dependent on the health state.  Fitness gives options for biking, sports, playing with our children, travelling, learning any type of education, to as simple as going out to dinner, really anything above a resting state.

Performance is when the individual has strong health and adequate fitness.  This is not for everyone.  There are many ways to look at performance.  Mental performance can be achieving a specific title, completing a project or mastering a second language.  The physical 'pure'-formance is more about competition.  This could be with the individual self or others.  They have a passion to achieve or do something, such as climb Mount Everest, be an Olympian or be the best they can be.

It seems health is taken for granted; yet it is the root foundational need for fitness and performance.  The individual skips the needs and goes to the want stage.  I find this interesting.  Looking back to our baby days we can see there are steps required.  Before we ran (performance), we had to crawl and walk (fitness), before that we had to roll over or be able to push off the ground (health). 

Just because we can run, doesn’t mean we should forget about the groundwork.  It is easy to focus on wants but it will cost us and force us back to foundational needs.  The stronger our healthy habits are, the less work to achieve fitness and the greater the potential for performance.  It is a triad, to achieve the top of the pyramid; the middle and base must be respected.  To achieve the middle of the pyramid the base must be respected.

Simply stated, health is the foundation for everything.