11. What is Exercise?

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This can be a simple or a complex definition depending who is asked.  Many believe they need to go to the gym or play a sport to be classified as exercise. Many like to exercise until they drop, push themselves hard every time.

Consider exercise is anything that increases heart rate above a laying heart rate level. This is subjective in nature as each person has his or her own oxygen debt levels. Some will require more effort to raise their heart rate while many require less.

Is it possible to be exercising while sitting there?  Is the body working even though it is not moving, walking, running or standing?  Exercise to the mind is being able to measure it.  The body is always moving. There are 60-90 trillion cells in the human body doing something all the time.  The mind can’t measure this, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

The psychogenic or perception of information aspect can raise heart rate.  Just thinking of something that creates excitement, can raise heart rate by the hormones that are released.  Think of sitting at a movie theatre and there is a suspenseful scene, then BAM something happens and startles you.  You are still in your seat, but heart rate is jumping and maybe even breaking a sweat. 

Let's examine a serious situation to shed some light on the fallacy of what many assume to be a resting position but is exercise for many.  Interestingly enough, many people die on their back, and its perceived as a resting position.  Why can’t they get up?  They are too tired or not strong enough. The body is working so hard in the least amount of gravity and their mind or another persons mind is judging it for it.

Consider, Congestive heart failure or any organ failure, the individuals body is working extremely hard just while sitting there.  It doesn't look like they are doing much but on the inside the body has many muscles contractions happening.  These muscles contractions are creating more resistance that requires more effort and blood cleansing. The rate at creating waste is much greater than the rate of removing.  Just like a business caught in a mountain of debt and the interest is building whether they are adding to the principle amount or not.

The blood flow and pumping is going to be done by the major pump, the heart.  Before, the heart had a relay team called arteries, they are located all over the body.  Now the arteries are restricted from tight muscles, plaques inside the tubes and nasty debris in the blood itself making it heavy like mud.

The work that was done by many parts of the body is now being done by one.  When one is doing the work for many it becomes over worked and stressed quickly.  Maybe the fingers or legs, or arms are not exercising but the heart is doing it for them.  What was once a simple function has become a complex exercise inside the body. It is common to work hard and stay focused. The leave nothing on the field mantra or they are exercising till they drop at the gym. What happens if they cant get up? What happens when they have nothing left to give?