SOS Consulting

Have you ever questioned what is freedom? How is it obtained? How do we know if we have it; if we are free? Do we have the right to express our freedom of speech? Sometimes. Some places. Do we have the right to express our freedom of movement such as dancing? Sometimes, some places. What gives us freedom? Where did it come from? Considering the human body, freedom would the ability to move effortlessly, without restrictions, such as freedom of speech, freedom of body, freedom of expression.

Freedom in some place and/or at some time means there is restriction.  In some places and at sometimes we can actually express our true freedom. But does a person truly ever experience freedom if the body is dysfunctional and the body has restrictions? 

SOS Survival Operating System® consulting services are one-on-one with SOS Survival Operating System® Mental Surgeons.  SOS consulting services aim to address barriers to making the necessary changes for improving well-being status.   

These barriers may include: 

  • Breathing
  • Freedom to move pain free, Range of motion and flexibility
  • Environmental and Self-awareness education
  • Belief systems
  • Behavioural analysis and application
  • Relationship (self and non-self) navigation
  • Boundary analysis and application
  • Nutritional programs
  • Exercise programs
  • Mental, physical trauma resolution