SOS Practitioner Level 1 - Lungs and Respiratory System

The first course in our practitioner series focuses on techniques for the lungs and relevant structures of the breathing/ventilation apparatus to improve qualitative and quantitative aspects of the breath.  This course introduces individuals to theory of SOS Survival Operating System® and the role of the lung and breath in it. The theoretical component of this course is presented via power point and verbal lecture and investigates information anatomy (lung, bones of the thorax, muscles, blood vessel, lymphatics, nerves), neurophysiology, immunology (thymus), cardiorespiratory circulation, diffusion, cellular respiration, and physiological conditions affecting the lung and breathing, psychology, metaphysics, and states of the nervous system in relation to breathing mechanics - ventilation and respiration.  Hands on techniques for the lung and anatomical structures, and breathing exercises are taught and practiced in the latter half of each day. 

Duration: 4 days; 8 hours (32 hours total)

Cost: N/A