SOS Practitioner Level 3 - CO-1-2 and Nervous System

The importance of the brain in health is indisputable.  The major nuclei for regulation of organs, organ systems, and bodily rhythms are regulated/governed by the brainstem.  It is important for the state of health to ensure this area has the space and resources to properly execute its function.  This course presents SOS Survival Operating System® theory, information and techniques to help flow in and out of the brain.  Information is presented via power point and lecture on topics including anatomy (blood supply, cranial nerves, relevant muscles and connective tissue), neurophysiology (brainwaves and neural cells), concussions and other brain diseases, psychology, and metaphysics.  Hands-on techniques are taught and practiced in the latter half of each day. To note there are no spinal manipulations taught SOS Survival Operating System® therapy.

Duration: 4 days x 8 hours (32 hours)

Cost: N/A

Prerequisite: SOS Practitioner Level 2: Adrenal