Adam Lepofsky

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I met Todd Swaine 11 months ago, two weeks after Achilles Tendon surgery.  I had a complete rupture that required surgical repair. Conventional medicine and protocol prescribe a rehabilitation / physiotherapy program to commence 8 to 10 weeks after surgery. I am very happy that I ignored “protocol” and began my treatment with Todd so quickly.  Todd’s approach and grasp of the human body and how it functions is truly remarkable and in my opinion totally unique. His methods and ideology are completely sound and logical.

Our treatment encouraged both mental / psychological and physical treatment. Not mental or psychological by conventional terminology, more so with respect to an understanding of how the body and mind function and getting the whole machine in sync.

The healing process is just that, a process. It requires an open mind, a willingness to learn and to adopt fresh ideas and methodologies, discipline and commitment.

Results were immediate and the process was an easy buy for me. I was willing to open my eyes and become more aware of what’s really happening with my body and my desire to heal properly this time after years of “common recovery”. By “common recovery”, I mean just a time period of temporary health before my next injury.

I was out of the boot and able to walk my dog approximately seven weeks from surgery as opposed to the 8 to 10 weeks that was prescribed before even removing the boot and commencing treatment.

My body responded well to Todd’s treatment, methodologies and breathing exercises. I believe that his treatment and the information that I was given led to great results and prevented the self-pity, loathing and potential depression that can result from a debilitating injury such as this one.  My energy levels, spirit and healing timeline was accelerated due to Todd Swaine’s treatment and willingness to open my eyes and make me aware of what it’s all about!


Adam Lepofsky


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