Chinedu Amadi

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“I’ve been suffering from groin pains since 1999.  During my sporting days in College, I was accustomed to pain that I trained and competed with left groin and hip pains. To make a long story short, after years of overcompensation, I seriously injured my hip (tore numerous ligaments and was recommended to see Todd after Doctors told me that I’ll need surgery.

After my first 3 visits to Todd, I noticed a significant change with my walk, my breathing and energy levels.  For the first time in over 10 years, I can lunge/squat without any pain.  In a nutshell, he reset my system and I feel rejuvenated. If you haven’t been treated by Todd, then you won't be able to comprehend.  I’m privileged to work with him and I understand his unique healing techniques. He is the man with the master plan for total health and fitness solution.  The human body is like a computer with an operating system, it needs to be upgraded and serviced for maximum efficiency and so does the human body for survival.

 ~ Chinedu Amadi, Former All Canadian Sprinter, CIS Silver Medallist and OUA 60m Gold Medalist 2001)