Heather Moyse - Olympic gold medallist (bobsleigh) and National rugby player

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When I first started going to see Todd, I have to admit that I was skeptical about his techniques. I had become so accustomed to painful treatments, that I wasn't sure if he was actually doing anything with his light touch. But he didn't only treat the location of the injuries I had, and looked for the source in other areas instead, making it easier for my body to help heal itself. I saw Todd for a frozen shoulder, a stress reaction in my shin, and one of the biggest immediate results I noticed was an increased ease in my breathing. That made training feel a lot less strained and helped quicken my recovery time. I still can't explain the scientific methods behind his technique, but working with Todd was a big reason for my successful return to competition.

    ~ Heather Moyse, Olympic gold medallist (bobsleigh) and National rugby player