LP Levros

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My name is LP Levros, and I am a professional basketball player.  On October 17, 2009 I injured my right ankle while playing basketball in a D-league camp.  The injury was pretty bad.  I went up for a dunk and landed on someone’s foot.  Right away I knew I was done.  For a whole year I was in and out of rehab with doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncture, massage, you name it I saw them all.  It cost me thousands of dollars, not including the free sessions from my team.  My ankle never seemed to be any better.  I crossed paths with a friend of mine who referred me to Todd.  He told me if there is a guy that can fix my ankle it would be Todd.  I did not believe him, but I had no other option, otherwise my career would have been done.   I booked an appointment with Todd and after just two sessions I was back home and my ankle was fixed.  No one could believe it until they saw me back on the court moving the way I used to. 

A year later I twisted my knee, and instead of wasting time seeing doctors, physiotherapists etc, I booked an appointment with Todd right away.  The doctors and physios told me I would be out for two months after the injury to my knee.  After treatment with Todd and one week of rest I was back on the court running and jumping. 

For me, I can say that the rest of my career is owed to Todd and the miracles he performed on my body and following his instructions.  Without Todd my career would have been over a long time ago.  With a guy like him, I believe we as people could live a healthier life with happiness. Thank you very much Todd.