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I had the pleasure of working with Todd on becoming more aware and awakening my body.  The experience has changed me, and cleared room for me mentally and physically.  Since the session I am more aware of my thoughts and my everyday actions.  I don’t feel the need to sweep issues and concerns under the rug but face them for what they are and deal with them as they come.  I have also been able to conquer a lot of my demons and confront issues that I kept putting off.

Todd started the session doing some basic physical moves such as squats and walking back and forth so that he could evaluate me.  Once the intake was done it was onto the table for some more assessments.  The whole time was a very gentle procedure of answering questions to help Todd find the problem areas and where my stress was being held and coming from.  He applied pressure that was very gentle, and made me aware that if there was pain to tell him. 

There was pressure put in between the ribs to help open the lungs as well as deep breathing exercises to help my lungs and diaghram open.

  This technique will help me to start using the correct area of my lungs to breathe from. He had me breathe in as deep as I could and hold the breath and then keep breathing in more.  When I thought that I couldn’t take another breath he would ask me to take another breath.  It felt like I couldn’t and for a second I would be out of my comfort zone feeling as though I couldn’t breathe, but he kept reminding me that it was just air, and surprisingly there was more room in my lungs.  Todd made me feel safe and comfortable through out the entire process.

My body slowly felt like it was being awakened I could feel the changes as I felt looser and more opened up.  It felt like my bones had shifted back into place and I could breathe and walk better.  During the whole procedure I felt so relaxed that I couldn’t even feel the table, it was like I had just sunk into it.  

When I got up Todd had me stand slowly and just recharge for a moment.  Then we practiced walking.  He watched me walk and had me do a couple exercises, and gave me some instructions on how to move my whole body and open up my upper body.  The therapy helped me to realize that my posture and many other qualities are a defense mechanism, therefore when I was walking I was very stiff in my upper body, and guarding myself, when I need to not be.