Paola and Daughter Jessica

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I know many of you will understand the experience that I’m sharing with you. This will be something many share in common and something you and your family can relate to when dealing with a diagnosis where there are no answers given and you are just exhausting every avenue of trial and error.  You experience many bouts of swinging emotions from hope to hopelessness which eventually become the norm.

I’m am happy to tell you that my daughter and I are experiencing incredible results working with Todd Swaine and Survival Operating System Manual Therapy.  My life wasn’t anything thing like this 2 years ago.  I met Todd at a workshop back in 2008 where he made a lasting impression on me.  A year after we first met, I had slipped on a few stairs at home and couldn’t move my neck without being in pain.  I remembered that Todd’s approach was different and I never had the opportunity to experience as of yet so I called him up to deal with my current health crisis.  I received a treatment, fascinating educational conversation and my injury was addressed right away.  When I left, I could move my neck fully without pain. 

I didn’t understand how he did it, but I was impressed. The second time I reached out to Todd was last year for what I thought at the time was a new injury.  I was walking and had a slight slip with my left foot while wearing flat sandals.  This time though I didn’t rush out and call up anyone because I thought it wasn’t a big deal at the time.  I didn’t fall down so it couldn’t have been that bad and geez, I’ve handled a lot worse than this before.  I was so very wrong which was proven later by Todd.  My life at this time was very busy like many of us, and I pushed myself in believing that this pain would just go away on its own.  I did this pushing on for the next 6 weeks where pain progressively increased while walking and I eventually felt pain while resting as well.  I finally had to deal with this pain.  The pain wasn’t going away by any means.  I decided to consult with Todd over the phone and get his take on it.  He was very gracious with me.  Todd explained exactly what was wrong, what the most likely outcome would be when I visited my doctor and that the diagnostic imaging would prove it.  He went so far as to tell me what treatment would be recommended by my doctor after results came in.

So off I went to my doctor, had diagnostic images done and results came in.  The doctor said that I had plantar fascia.  Todd was bang on about the diagnosis/state of my foot was and also what actions the doctor would recommend as the best route to take for my injury.  I was prescribed pain and anti-inflammatory pills to help with the intense pain I was experiencing.  I then booked an appointment with Todd to explore a different approach that would actually address the root issue, which is totally different than a coping method which I was accustomed to.

When I met with Todd for this new injury, he explained exactly what was going on with my injury and mind set of putting everyone ahead of my own needs.  He posed questions where I knew I had to make changes or I would be forced into a change I wouldn’t like.  Ignoring the signals and not addressing the root would not avoid the inevitable of what lay down the road for me.  Todd told me exactly the path of injury from where it all started.  I didn’t have the knowledge at that time to understand completely what he was communicating to me.  I could only understand as much as my awareness allowed at that moment.  On one particular point he made, I couldn’t get my mind around what he was telling me due to that fact that there was no discomfort whatsoever in the area he was pointing out. I thought this area was not an issue at all. I thought this was all healed many years ago.  Without me telling him much about my medical history, he just pointed out every old injury and weakness due to trauma and some of which I had totally forgotten about until he mentioned it.  I was stunned.  How does he know all this with the little information that I provided?  My mind started to race, how could he have possibly known this by just looking at me fully dressed.  As I worked with Todd over a period of a couple of months and took responsibility to make changes, I noticed that I did have discomfort from exactly where I thought was healed many years ago.  I was so excited to tell him he was totally right from the beginning.  This then spun me off to question myself as to how could this possibly be.  Did I totally ignore the pain that was always there?  I wasn’t sure if this was due to a high pain threshold or was it something learned over the years which became a habit in my life.  How did I ignore the signals?  My strong coping skills were an asset as well as a detriment in many ways. What I thought was normal due to coping was so off the mark of being well. I was totally in a chronic state of survival mode.   

SOS Manual Therapy approach and results are so different than any other health approach I’ve ever experienced and have come to know.  I’ve learned that the brain can only heal what it can feel.  I am now addressing all weaknesses, trauma and pain which accumulated in my body over the many years. Over the many years through my many experiences I have always questioned everything.  I use critical thinking to find the truth in every area of my life.  I exhaust every avenue to understand and know what someone is saying or what they are labeling as results and outcome. Just understanding their perspective and how much validity does it have.  Many times I came across that there are no answers as to why and how the chronic or threatening disease set in.  But I was fortunate to have met and worked with Todd to learn that there are answers. 

When I saw results with me and understood what the potential was for my daughter or potential for anyone, I knew this would work with what she was dealing with.  I knew that SOS Manual Therapy would work for my 7 year old who was diagnosed with Partial Benign Rolandic Epilepsy and ADHD.  The ADHD label seems to follow hand in hand with many who suffer from Epilepsy. I saw a common connection with the two in other children who were diagnosed with Epilepsy.  The particular type of seizure my daughter has only occurs when she goes into the sleep transition within the first 10 minutes of sleep cycle and was usually on one side of her face.  The signals her brain was sending to her body where not connected and shorting during a seizure.  Where I made the connection for her and any other ailment or injury or health crisis was that the brain can only heal what it can feel.  My daughter always kept saying, “I don’t feel it” when she couldn’t feel signals for normal body functions.  Seizures are compared to someone competing in a marathon.  Resources are depleted and there is extreme exhaustion after a seizure. This was very difficult to explain to family, friends, caretakers, school staff and teachers.  Looking at her you wouldn’t know how ill she really was.  She was exhausted a lot of the time.  Had no resources to focus to learn at the common level and standards currently in place for a child her age.  She was too tired to keep up at the same pace with the other children her age.  The ADHD prescription was to address the lack of focus in school and her falling behind the standard level of expectations set for her age group.  The pills she was prescribed for seizure control and ADHD have terrible and even life threatening side effects.  This included a possibility of permanent damage.  A month before booking her appointment with Todd, my husband and I started to notice her seizures were changing while on the drugs.  She might not have seizures so often but when she did, they were stronger and affecting her whole entire body where before it was mild and only affecting a partial part. Swinging from hope to hopelessness was draining on all of us.  I kept up with reading information and attending workshops for parents with children diagnosed with Epilepsy and ADHD.  I also read something that caused me anxiety and fear every night when she went to sleep, which is that any seizure can be the one that could possibly cause permanent eye or brain damage or even death.  The pills were just masking how weak her body really was and how the weakness was progressing.  Did these pills contribute to making the seizures progressively get worse?  Were the pills contributing at this point to her lack of feeling and how her body interrupted her brain messages?  Is the current solution and risk worth the long term possible effects?  The fear gripped me every time she went to bed every night.  This has all changed considerably since working with Todd.  The family has made changes with great results so far.

I had confirmation from my daughter’s school staff, teachers and babysitter of how different she is from last year compared to this year with all of which is positive feedback.  Even our pediatrician has said to us; “It is working. Keep doing what you're doing because I have never seen results like this before. This doesn't happen with the type of pills she is on”.   I’m happy to report that she has currently been off seizure medication for more than six months.  At our last appointment with her neurosurgeon, we were hopeful again when he said, ” if she is doing great without her meds so far, then she doesn't need them and I'll see you in a year to check her progress but call me if things change”.  My husband and I have observed that if she does have a seizure, the seizure seems to be reversing and becoming mild, very mild.  I am so happy and amazed at the progress and results thus far.  I’ve been very fortunate to cross paths with Todd and that SOS Manual Therapy is available for my daughter and I.  Thank you Todd!!