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Welcome back 6:03 here on Tampa Bay Sports Radio 620 WDAE.  Before we get to your phone calls, I just have to take a moment to tell you about my experience today. 

You’ve heard Doctor Blanco on with me on occasion, talking about a gentleman who has revolutionized… I don’t know what he does.  I spent three and a half hours today.  No pain, no massaging, no manipulating, no nothing.  So Doctor Blanco asked me at the end, how would you describe what happened to you today?  I go, I don’t know.  I don’t know.  All I know is a man by the name of Todd Swaine came into town and worked on me for three and a half hours, and I have never, ever felt better in my life. 

My body feels like its 15 years old right now.  And all he did was touch.  I can’t describe it.  One of the main reasons I am saying this, is that… is he a trainer?  He is a trainer’s trainer.  He is, again… I am at a loss for words. 

No you can’t go see him because he does not have an office here.  You can go fly up to Toronto if you want.  I can’t explain it, but it is built around breathing.  He doesn’t do breathing exercises until the end.  He literally opens up your breathing and gets rid of things that have been clogging up your body forever.  And I am talking about inflammation that continues to sit there for years and years and years that doesn’t go away.  And it was the most incredible three and a half hours ever.  It has changed the way I stand up, the way I walk, the way I breathe, the way I can breathe.  And it is all built around that.

 The reason I am talking about it, is not only he did wonders for me.  But I am talking about it because, here is a guy that is so cutting edge it is not even funny.  But people do not want to hear cutting edge because people already learned their own different ways.  Did you know the average doctor is 56 years old?  They learn their own way and they are not going to change.  But doctors now are starting to find a way, and this guy is not a doctor.  You treat the problem, you don’t treat the symptoms.  And how do they treat symptoms?  With drugs.  Instead of finding the root of the problem.

And from what I can gather, the majority of the problem right from your neck to your waste line.  Where your breathing comes from.  You have three different areas of breathing in your upper body.  Do not ask me to name them.  I know one is thoracic.  But once those things opened up, it brought on a whole new world.  A whole new everything. 

And why I am saying this is that, certain teams have already started to take advantage of it like the White Sox.  I mean, they line up when he is in town.  Ozzie Guillén loves him.

Here’s the thing. Trainers think that he wants their job, and that is the farthest thing from the truth.  He doesn't want their job.  You couldn’t pay him enough.  But he wants to be able to give his message to trainers around all sports, to be better trainers.  And to take away traditional ways and look at different ways. 

He had a guy who had a torn Achilles tendon back wrestling within 5 months. Five months!  Edge the wrestler.  Five months from the time he tore his Achilles; he was back on the mat.  Balfour’s 4-6 weeks on his intercostals, would be four hours.  And yet people would want to say, “well he has done this to his intercostals, 4-6 weeks.”  Instead of finding someone who can fix that in 4 minutes.  But nobody wants to learn the new ways.  He does not want the trainer’s job.

 If the Buccanneers or the Rays or the Lightning would only let their trainers listen to this guy and send them up there, its 1600 bucks for a weekend seminar.  Let him show them how they are holding themselves back.  You want athletes on the field, this is a guy that can get them on the field. 

He gets blood to the areas.  He literally reaches in and untangles stuff with his fingers.  But he doesn’t manipulate, he doesn't massage, he doesn’t do anything.  It is the most incredible thing I have ever seen, or felt in my life.  And I can’t describe it.  But I do know this, that teams that don’t investigate this guy…and his name again is Todd Swaine.  Go look him up. He doesn’t want the trainers job, he wants to make the trainer better. 

And every trainer in the world for a professional team thinks they are the best, which they might be.  But they do not know what this guy knows.  And that is not doing your best.  If somebody knows more than you, where is the shame in admitting, “hey, that guy is smarter than me.”  Or he’s got a different method than we are used to, I want to learn that.  Because guess what?  You are going to earn more money in the long run when you keep your athlete on the field… quicker. 

Jerry, you know Jake Peavy,* right? He had a stint out there where he was one of the best pitchers in baseball.  Well guess who worked on him?  Guess who worked on him?  Todd Swaine.  You know what?  You could throw 125 pitches every night and you would not feel the difference.  Now what manager wouldn’t want that?  Where you can send your guys out there and say ‘go get ‘em kid.’

Ask AJ Pierzynski what he thinks of Todd Swaine.  When he walks into a baseball locker room, he isn’t looking for the trainer’s job, the players are looking for him.  You know he’ll say to trainers, ‘hey go massage somebody you can go do that, let me do this, or learn.’  They don’t want to learn. 

So I’m putting it out there right now in public, and then I will do it in private.  Andrew, Mark Dominic. Whoever is over there with the lightning now Todd Lewicke, or Steve Yzerman, or whoever is in charge over there.  You want to be the best you can be and stop injuries and man hours lost.  He is out of Toronto.  I am sure maybe even Yzerman has heard of him.  But all of you need to talk to this guy, and have your staff talk to this guy.  His prices are his prices, but he charges for a 3 day seminar.  And he is going to have a book out, and he is going to have a website out, and all of this stuff out.  But I am just telling you this man is incredible.  And he is not paying me to say it, and I paid for my services.  I did not get it for free. I am just telling my audience about one of the most incredible people I have ever met. 

And you know if we did not…if someone did not think of inventing HD TV, or the internet, or mobile phones.  Somebody thought out of the box.  This man thinks out of the box.  And people are afraid of him because he is so good, they are afraid he is going to take their jobs.  He doesn't want your job.  He wants to make you better.