Kevin Francis

Service location: Brampton, ON

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My Journey

My journey started with a knee injury so bad that it forced me to seek help for the pain. I was a professional basketball player that overworked my body to the point I could barely walk up and down the court. I thought my basketball career was over; the great "Francis" could not carry on. I've never been happier to be wrong. SOS gave me a second chance. The greatness in me could live on.

One of my good friends told me about Todd Swaine and his SOS Survival Operating System® manual therapy. I had no idea what SOS was about; but I decided to give it a shot. I remember walking into his office and seeing only a massage table. I wondered, "Where are all the machines and equipment?" After greeting him and briefly discussing his method of therapy, I asked myself, "How is a man using only his two hands going to help me?”

I laid down on the table already decided that SOS therapy was not going to work and that it was going to be a waste of my time and my money. After one hour of therapy, Todd told me to get up and test my knee. To my surprise, I felt amazing. Most importantly the pain was gone. That was the best therapy I had ever received up to that point in my life.  

Once I left Todd's office I went straight to the gym to see if this million dollar feeling was for real. Guess what? It was! After that, I played like my knee injury was just a bad dream. I was dunking with ease, which was a huge shock to me. My knee was injured in 2008. I saw Todd that year and since then he's the only person to whom I have been. 

When I started playing professional basketball in Canada it was a blessing. I was able to play basketball and any time I had any pain or injuries I would be able to go see Todd. I have been asked by teammates, coaches, and team therapists, why I spend money to go and see a therapist when I could use the team therapist free of charge. The truth of the matter is that Todd always delivered when I went to him, so why would I go anywhere else?

I've played basketball in many different places around the world and I have never experienced anything like SOS, nothing even close. I have seen many doctors throughout my life. I had chiropractic work done and I even tried acupuncture and I got medium results from them at best. 


Loss of my step-mom

A difficult period in my life was when I lost my step-mom to cervical cancer. I was confused and wondered how a wonderful lady like her could get cancer. She was my dad’s heart and the glue that kept my family together through thick and thin.  It was heartbreaking watching her die slowly, believing there was nothing anyone could do for her. I watched her go to doctor's appointments and she went through chemo radiation treatment every month. Nothing she tried improved her health. Watching her go from walking, to only being able to sit, then only being able to lay down, then losing her speech, was really tough. I watched cancer kill her from the inside out and it was killing me on the inside. Then she passed away. 

During this time, I was communicating with Todd.  My older brothers, her sons, didn't want to try SOS therapy and so my step-mom didn't. Todd and I were starting to become good friends and throughout the ordeal I began asking him questions about her treatment.  He would share information about everything to me. That is when I started to open my mind to new ideas regarding health and the human body. 


The loss of my Dad

A month after my stepmother died my dad was diagnosed with a tumor outside of his right lung. The stress of watching his wife die was too much for his body to handle. When he told me about the tumor he said everything would be fine, but it wasn't. He was as strong as a bull so I thought he would beat it. My dad was off work because he would often get dizzy spells so I asked him to try SOS. He agreed and I was brought him to Todd once a week for four weeks.

After the four weeks my dad went back to his doctor and after some tests the told him that the tumor had shrunk. Plus the dizziness went away so he returned to work. Once my dad "thought" he was better he stop receiving SOS treatments. Then my dad went to Jamaica for a couple of months and when he came back the tumor had increased in size again and he was diagnosed with level one cancer.

I suggested for my dad to go back to Todd but he wanted to try something different. Along with his medication, he tried doing acupuncture for 2 months then he went overseas to an advanced cancer center. He was there for 4 month doing everything they recommended. After the 4 months I learned that my dad had developed two tumors in his brain. After all the money we paid for cancer center they told us that there was nothing more they could do and sent him back home.

When my dad got back home he looked everywhere to try to get help but he was told time and time again that nothing could be done. He was confused, in pain, worried and over time was unable to speak. After all that Todd still had faith that there was a chance that my dad could beat the cancer, so much faith that he was even willing to teach me his methods.

After learning a couple of techniques, I was doing three hours of treatment on my dad daily. I saw him go from not be able to move a muscle to lifting his legs and crossing them. There was a time when he would try to sit up. At one point, I was able to get my dad to stand for 5 seconds on his own. That was amazing to me, probably because not too long before, I watched my step-mom pass away after months of being bed ridden. Forty days I stayed with my dad and gave him SOS therapy. The whole experience changed me. Some nights I slept in his bed and held his hands. These were some of the best times I spent with my dad.

One night, I became concerned with his breathing and called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. His left lung started to fail. The hospital staff took care of him and by morning he was doing better. Some of my family members wanted him to stay in the hospital when I was suggesting for him to go back home so that I could continue giving him SOS therapy. Because they were not familiar with SOS, they thought I was talking nonsense when I tried to explain how I believed the therapy I was giving him was working. Eventually I gave in and agreed to let him stay in the hospital. Soon the left side of his lung completely stopped working. Within 24 hours my dad died, gone from my life forever. 


Continued learning

Todd agreed to teach me more about SOS. He taught me 4 courses on the subject which was over 80 hours of class time and many of hours practicing hands on work. After training, he was satisfied with my learning and I became an SOS therapist. Every week I devote several hours to learn more about the human body. I am still learning and figuring out new techniques that can be used to provide the best treatment I can possibly can.


Giving thanks

I'm thankful for my experiences because they have taught me to seek the truth and to trust my hands. I feel like I owe that to my step-mom and my dad. I thank Todd for being my mentor and a friend as close as a brother; and for trusting me with his life's work.