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In August 2010, I participated in the first SOS Survival Operating System® Manual Therapy course. I was working as a Personal Trainer & Metabolic Typing Advisor and had many clients struggling with chronic pain and disease conditions.

At the time, I was experiencing the limitations that exercise and nutrition have on recovery and healing in both my personal and professional life. It was fortunate that Todd Swaine (Creator of SOS Survival Operating System® Manual Therapy), decided to begin teaching courses.

It was my sense that my clients would benefit from “touch” or manual therapy treatment, so the opportunity to learn a “hands on” treatment modality was something I welcomed.

What I didn’t know then was that Todd hadn’t yet decided to begin teaching his course work. What I knew was that Todd was one of the most uniquely gifted persons I had ever met (most people recognize this about Todd early in their interactions with him) and that the techniques he developed were/are incredibly effective.

So I did what anyone seeking answers would do when they have an opportunity to learn, I pestered him to begin teaching. My intuition told me that if I wanted to drastically improve my well-being and the well-being of my clients I had to learn from Todd and apply it in my life and in my business.

What I didn’t know then was how dramatically impactful SOS Manual Therapy treatments and philosophy would be in improving my well-being, and the well-being of my clients. Looking back I can easily say that was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


My First SOS Manual Therapy Course

It may sound overstated to say, but just a few hours into my first SOS Course I realized my fundamental understanding of how the body functions was wrong, and needed to change quickly.

The feeling I experienced was the one you have when you realize you’re about to be exposed a whole new world of information, and you need to pay very close attention to what is being taught because you’re about to get answers to many of your deepest questions.

Right away we learned about the root cause of pain and disease and how to treat nearly all common symptoms at the root level. We learned that the body is a system of systems, that a hierarchy exists in those systems, & that each system synergistically contributes to the others to create well-being in the body.

We learned the significance of breathing as the body’s most common movement pattern and how to create efficiency in the oxygen exchange system. We learned about stress, the body’s stress management system & the relationship between breathing and stress.  Along with techniques & practices that enable us to work with these systems to create sustainable well-being over time.

For me the an important takeaway from the workshops was that the SOS Philosophy was scientifically based and the treatment techniques worked better than I had anticipated.

Following my second SOS Survival Operating System® Manual Therapy course in December 2010, I had a new set of tools to use. I immediately began utilizing SOS Philosophy & Manual Techniques with my clients to address the root cause of their ailments.

Up until then my work with clients was based on exercise and nutrition, which was only effective at the surface level. Now I was able to identify the root cause of my client’s symptoms and address them.

This was possible because the work I was now doing focused on the body’s most important systems including the endocrine system, neurological system (brain), lymphatic system, and gas exchange system (lungs), along with nutrition and movement. This was exciting because the results my clients and I experienced and continue to experience, were/are significant and sustainable, even in the most severe circumstances.

Clients, with whom I have worked, suffered from joint pain, digestive disorders, concussion, brain fog, inflammatory conditions, organ swelling and dysfunction, weight gain, neurological disorders, and stroke were recovering in ways I did not think were possible.

I have a few real life examples I can share of clients whose lives have changed in these ways.

My first example is Colin who experienced a near fatal stroke. So far we have been able to regain his ability to walk with a cane and speak as needed. He and his wife are very pleased with his progress so far.

Another example is TJ who suffered a life threatening brain injury. Specifically he experienced a life threatening brainstem concussion due to an accident while working. TJ’s condition has improved to the degree that he is back to his life with very few restrictions or limitations. He enjoys keen mental clarity and is now back to work traveling around the world as a television producer. He is able to move and exercise as he wishes.

Kristy who had sciatica, neuropathy and a bakers cyst has recovered to the point where she rarely experiences pain. When she does she can pinpoint the reasons why and make the necessary changes to eliminate it.

Finally, Amy a Pilates instructor and Professional Dance Performance Artist, was experiencing lower back pain, digestive disorders, endocrine disorders and brain fog. After working with her for approximately 6 months her low back pain is gone, her digestive disorders and brain fog are diminishing, and her endocrine function is normalizing.

While I am pleased to report this short list of exceptional results, I can assure you that there are many, many others. Including my personal results.


Applying SOS Manual Therapy in my personal life

Upon completion of my first SOS Workshop I immediately began utilizing SOS methodology and techniques in my personally life.

My reality at the time was that I had many severe, long term conditions including, debilitating low back pain with disk herniation, sciatica, concussions, severe allergies, IBS, tinnitus, hair loss, anxiety, depression, anger & lack of mental clarity.

The worst of these conditions was my low back pain, sciatica, concussions and the anxiety, brain fog & depression that came along with them. These conditions were making it nearly impossible to live a decent life. So the opportunity to apply a new approach to wellness that didn’t involve pharmaceutical drugs or ineffective physical therapy was something I embraced.

What was so inviting to me about the approach was that it focused on treating your wellness through things that made logical sense. Things like breathing exercises, diminishing/removing stress, eating organic and non GMO foods, eliminating alcohol, detoxifying the body from environmental toxins, foam rolling, light stretching, reasonable exercise, personal behavior auditing and eliminating or addressing harmful personal relationships from my life.

This is just a short list of the many changes I’ve made to my personal life that were a direct result of what I learned from my SOS Manual Therapy course work.

Fortunately SOS principles and the lifestyle changes that came with it addressed all of my ailments over time.

What was particularly unexpected and enjoyable, was that I felt significantly better right away. The pain and tension in my lower back and legs began to diminish rapidly. I had fewer episodes of IBS and the intensity diminished. The cranial pain and tension from many concussions began diminishing and the ringing in my ears from tinnitus was/is less present.

My sense of mental well-being also improved as I realized my physical ailments were now temporary. I had less anxiety, depression and greater mental acuity.

As it stands today my low back pain & sciatica are gone. IBS is gone. Tinnitus is present only on occasion. My concussions have only lingering effects and the hair on my head is growing back in.

Generally speaking since starting to apply SOS principles in my life the outcomes in my life are drastically better. I’m able to make better decisions and perform better in all my life’s activities.


Currently my SOS Manual Therapy practice is robust and growing.  As my personal health improves and well-being of my clients continues to improve the outcomes in our lives improve.

For those reasons I can say without hesitation that becoming involved with SOS Survival Operating System® manual therapy was the best personal and professional decision I have ever made.

I strongly suggest the course work and/or treatments to anyone who might be interested. It will change your life.

Deepest Thank You and Highest Regards to Todd Swaine and the SOS manual therapy team!!