Jeral Jones

Location: Tampa, FL

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Having been a neuromuscular and trigger point-based therapist for a few years, I had become quite confident in my ability to help people. Top-of-the-class graduate, plenty of clientele, and all of the hubris to come along with it. I was one of these extremely unhealthy therapists who believed I was actually doing something for people. Having the audacity to claim I was part of the “wellness” community.

I was unwell. I was 330 lbs. I was an alcoholic. I was gainfully employed. I was in survival. At the beginning of taking my health seriously, I made a few simple changes and was able to lose about 100lbs. I was able to see change in my appearance, but not much else. That’s when Raschad, fellow SOS practitioner, invited me along to attend my first SOS class with Todd Swaine. 

Upon meeting Todd, the information that was shared was indeed life-changing. My mind was blown and a lot of what I thought I knew, needed to be revisited. I was not approaching my transformation as a whole. I was not approaching my clients, from the whole aspect. After implementing some things that I learned, I was able to give up drinking completely. I was able to lose 75 more pounds. I was able to have a better understanding, a better feeling, and better control of my life.

SOS Survival Operating System® manual therapy was a big part of my transformation in regards to being a client. Learning the information as a practitioner, and also having the work done on me, provided me a unique experience of being on both sides of the table, if you will. This gives me an ability to connect with clients on a different level since I have gone through changes and put in the work necessary for the most desired outcome.

I’m happy to have 7 years of therapy experience, 5 years being SOS trained, and many clients on their way to their best life.  I’m thankful to have this opportunity to assist you in taking your life back.